REVIEW: Giovanna Fletcher's "Some Kind Of Wonderful"!

Wednesday 21 February 2018

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Lizzy and Ian have been a couple since their first day at university. Now, after celebrating a decade together, everyonethinks they're about to get engaged. A romantic escape to Dubai is the perfect moment, but instead of the proposal Lizzy hopes for, Ian reveals he's not sure he even wants her anymore.

Lizzy is heartbroken. But through the tears, she realises this is her chance to seize the opportunities she missed as Ian's other half. But what does she want? How much of her is really Lizzy, and how much was Ian's influence? Determined to discover who she is at heart, Lizzy sets out to rediscover the girl she was before - and in the meantime, have a little fun . . .

My Review: (Possible spoilers???)This book to me was like a self-healing book. Something I believe that anybody needs if they feel they've hit rock bottom when their relationship falls apart. It reminds you that it's not the end of the world and that it's not the end of everything. That relationships actually take up a small fragment of who you are. This book screams: You've Got This! And I love that.

I ADORE Lizzy! I thought she was brave and to be honest, hated Ian from the start anyway. She don't need him. And I love how she stepped out of her comfort zone and tried new things in her process of "finding herself again". I like that she rebuilt a friendship that was technically falling apart when she didn't even realise it. And also, I love that she finally learned to depend on herself when things went shit, rather than someone else.

Amazing book! So sad it ended.

*    *    *    *

And I've decided that I wanted to start a book club, to encourage both you guys and myself to read! I love reading, I used to be a major bookworm but with work and exercise, I've slowly lost that. So if you're up for it - let me know!!

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Monday 19 February 2018

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I'm acting more enthusiastic than I am, because I'm currently ill in bed. BUUUT I haven't done one of these posts in a while, and I really wanted to post one for you all. :)

1. For You - Rita Ora ft. Liam Payne

OH MY GOD THIS SONG! AND THIS MUSIC VIDEO! Look at the chemistry between these two! Seriously, WOW. I love this song so much and the idea of my queen and a member of my favourite band doing a duet has made my life! (Sounds dramatic but). I read the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy, but have only watched one of the films. Because I love Rita, I really want to watch the second one and eventually the third. But seriously, you will ship these two instantly by watching this video (soz Chezza).

2. IDGAF - Dua Lipa

This was a music video I really appreciated, you know? A music video all about self love and accepting yourself. I also feel like Dua has been around for ages, but she's currently nominated for a Brit Award of Best British Breakthrough, so. I love Dua and the music she's bringing out. I find them relatable and authentic.

3. Rewrite The Stars - Zac Efron ft. Zendaya

I know, I know. Myself and everybody else are talking about this film. BUT IT'S SO GOOD! I am obsessed with the soundtrack, I listen to it once a day at least! (Literally listening to it now lol). I love the vibe and the whole storyline. The music is practically iconic and Hugh Jackman is bae. I heard this song before I watched the film and it instantly made me excited to watch it!

4. Pray - Sam Smith

Let's be real: Sam Smith came back with a fucking bang! I love this song because it's so real and he doesn't hold back with saying that the world is currently a disaster. I also love how zen he is right now also. His music just gets better and better as he releases more songs! Honestly, are you even British if you haven't listened to Sam Smith?

5. These Days - Rudimental, Jess Glynne and Macklemore.

This is a brand new find for me and I loved it instantly. It literally hit me instantly and it made me zone out. Tbh, a lot of Jess Glynne's songs make me do that, and I wasn't disappointed! It's such a raw song and real. I honestly love it. There's not much I can say about this, because it's a new find.

And those are the songs I've been loving lately. Let me know in the comments which songs you've been loving.

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Friday 16 February 2018

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Hey dolls! Hope you're all doing well, and I hope your day's been good! Today's post was originally going to be a main channel video, and then I got ideas on how to show the nudes in a blog post, and changed my mind.

So my fave nude lipsticks/glosses are:

And now let's talk about them individually, and I'll tell you why these are my fave...

Me Now Nude

 Okay so I believe this is called Me Now, but basically it was the in-thing of 2016. Buying this specific matte liquid lipstick from eBay and everyone seemed to be wearing it! I rediscovered this beauty last week in my makeup bag, and oh my god I love it! So lightweight and doesn't even feel that matte! I feel like this good be a big contender for my 2018 lip...

Velvet Teddy

 Okay, okay! This is my PERFECT NUDE! I absolutely LAAAAHV IT! I bought this at London Heathrow's Duty Free. As soon as I saw it, I instantly bought it. It's a hard one to get, so I wasn't missing the opportunity! And I absolutely LOVE IT! I find wearing lipsticks sometimes effort. (Yes I'm lazy!) But going to work at 5AM, my main priority isn't putting on a lipstick, however I'm trying to change that...

Makeup Revolution's Intense Lipgloss

This lipgloss is pretty much clear. Mine probably doesn't look it, because I put it on top of another one (will explain later), so mine has a pinky tone. As the name says, it's quite an intense gloss, and one application of this is honestly enough. Now I'm not the biggest lipgloss fan, because I find them too sticky. However this is the only one that I can handle. After blotting my lips, I find this lipgloss easy to handle - except when it's windy...

Lottie Tomlinson's Babes

I uploaded a review on my channel about this on 12th November 2016, and it got a ton of views! My most viewed video actually! And my opinion on this lip still stands: I LOVE IT. If you're into more pink-toned nudes, then this is the one for you. It's quite hard to get hold of this now, however I've found a website that still stocks it (thank the lord because I've nearly ran out!) However because it's quite a drying matte, I've found that applying the Intense Lipgloss over it, makes it so much better!!!

Intense Lipgloss x Babes

Please ignore the really bad application of my lips. 🙄 A N Y W A Y... I love this combination together and have actually been wearing this quite a lot lately.


So this soft matte lip cream is allegedly a dupe for Kylie Jenner's Dolce K. It's such a good nude and it's so easy to work with; i.e. applying and wiping away any mistakes made. I wore this quite a lot last year when I first purchased it. And again, it's one that's been forgotten about - unfortunately - due to having SO MANY! So this year, I need to start using this one again.

And those are my top 5 fave nude lipsticks/glosses of all time! Let me know which ones you've been loving, or if you've used any of the ones I've mentioned.

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What shows am I watching right now?

Wednesday 14 February 2018

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Hello Humans! I hope you're really well and hope life is treating you good! Today I thought I'd follow on from last week's post with my favourite movies, with Netflix specifically what I'm watching.

1. Riverdale

"Archie Andrews starts the school year with the world weighing on his shoulders. He's decided he wants to pursue a future in the music business, but his recently ended clandestine relationship with the music teacher has left him without a mentor, and his friendship with Jughead Jones is in a bad place. Things look like they might be turning around when Veronica Lodge, a new girl, arrives. Despite the instant chemistry, Veronica is hesitant to risk a friendship with Betty -- who has a crush on Archie -- to pursue anything. Amidst all the small-town banality lurks a mystery: the recent tragic death of Jason Blossom, the twin brother of beautiful and popular troublemaker, Cheryl."

This show is addictive! I'm not going to lie, at first, it did take me a few episodes to get really into it, but I've heard nothing but amazing things about the show, so i was determined to get it a try! And I'm so glad I did! It so gripping! It's funny, romantic and dark, all in one show! Heck, in one episode! I thought it was going to be a fun, teen-esque drama. But wow, it's so amazing. If you're still debating watching this or not, I highly recommend it!

2. Jane The Virgin

"Jane Villanueva, the daughter of a teen mother, grew up determined not to repeat her mom's mistakes. Jane is studying to be a teacher, and she is engaged to a handsome detective who supports her decision to remain a virgin until marriage, but a routine visit to the clinic turns her life upside down. Inseminated by a specimen meant for a patient in the next room, Jane is in a situation made only more insane when she learns that the sperm donor is her boss, Rafael. As her meticulously planned life gets more like the telenovelas she loves, she faces a lot of complicated decisions about the future."

Oh my god - THIS SHOW!!! My bestie Phoebe introduced me to this beauty in August and I am HOOKED! It's hilarious! Honestly, Jane is so inspirational, and whenever I'm feeling shitty and I'm watching the show, I instantly feel better knowing it's okay to have writer's block, etc. There's been a handful of times where my heart has tightened so much and I've sobbed - actual sobbing where I cannot do anything else but wallow in the sadness. But 4 seasons in, and I really am feeling nostalgic already at the idea of this show ending.

3. Grace and Frankie

"For as long as they can recall, Grace and Frankie have been rivals. Their one-upmanship comes crashing to a halt, however, when they learn that their husbands have fallen in love with each other and want to get married. As everything around the ladies is coming apart, the only thing they can really rely on is each other. This Netflix original re-teams Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin ("9 to 5") as Grace and Frankie, respectively, bringing their chemistry to the small screen. It's a casting reunion on a grand scale, as Tomlin is reunited with her co-star from "The West Wing," Martin Sheen, who plays Grace's husband, Robert. And Fonda is back with Sam Waterston, her co-star from "The Newsroom," who plays Frankie's husband, Sol."

This is a brand new find for me! I've seen so many things on Tumblr about this show, and I've finally caved! So this means I'm only a handful of episodes in. But so far, I've laughed so much because Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are just hilarious! I've always loved Jane, but being introduced to Lily is such a treat because she's such an amazing actress! I'll definitely need to come back to this review, because I can't say much at the moment.

And those are the current shows I'm watching on Netflix at the minute. Please leave any suggestions you think I'll like and I'll give them a go! 

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Tuesday 13 February 2018

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Good evening, folks! Hope you're all doing well! I'm so excited to bring you into a big part of my world! I've mentioned it briefly in blog posts and on videos, but I've never really spoken about it, so...


I love writing. I always have from a young age. And when I began my blog, all I did was update readers on my progress. However as I've gotten more into YouTube and the video side of creativity, I kind of forgot about my "roots", and would only update my blog on poetry, random anecdotes and my YouTube videos. 

I now want to bring back my old style blogging and bring you along on the ride. So as of right now; 13th February 2018, I am currently on chapter 10! And this is the most exciting chapter for me to write (I'm uploading a video on Thursday explaining why!), and I'm just loving my little world I've created.

There's so much to tell you about the process and what I've done, etc. So here is post #1 all about my book that I'm writing and the world I've created.

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Sunday 11 February 2018

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And now it's just finding out if he feels the same way...
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Saturday 10 February 2018

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It's the way he doesn't make me feel stupid.

The way my whole being is relaxed in his presence.

It's the not caring about looks, because we're aware of each other.

It's the way he celebrates my birthday instead of his own.
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Friday 9 February 2018

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I remember it as clear as day - as if it was yesterday.
We were sitting side by side;
With our best outfits on, sitting down in a fancy restaurant.

You were sitting there;
Getting to know the new people in our lives.
And I was sitting there laughing with tears rolling down my face.

And then I complimented your food,
And you offered it to me.
Like it was the most natural thing to me.

Thinking back now;
It was intimate.
But at the same time,
Completely normal for us.
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Thursday 8 February 2018

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He's the kind of boys you tell you parents about.
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Wednesday 7 February 2018

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The pressured day is almost amongst us,
And all I long is to send you a letter of all my feelings.
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Tuesday 6 February 2018

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The safety of the length of time that I've known him,
Is enough to remind me; that this could work.
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Monday 5 February 2018

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It was like all of a sudden, I was hit with the sudden realisation and clarity.
Which was then layered with insecurity and self-doubt.
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Friday 2 February 2018

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First of all, I'd like to apologise for no post on Wednesday - I felt too exhausted to even function! But anyway...

As we have now finally made it to February, AKA the month of my birth, I thought I'd share a few flashback images of me when I was young. ❤️

I made a birthday flashback post, which can be found here.

This cheeky chap is, yep, me. I think this was my birthday and I just can't believe this was me. (The eyes gave it away for me).

Moving on...

I feel very bittersweet when I see this picture. A perfect family picture. 💕 Now it's very different, but I see pictures like this and it reminds me that we were once a big happy family.

Now enjoy a few more flashback pictures...

Hope you enjoyed a small insight of my past! I'll be back with a brand new post soon!

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