FITNESS FRIDAY: 31.01.2020.

Friday 31 January 2020

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So it's been a while since I've done one of these style of posts, however I am so excited to be bringing them back, as I actually find them quite motivating. I also find myself coming back to all of these exercises. Every week I'll be doing a post on different exercises, as well as an update on how the whole running is doing.

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll probs already know that I've changed how I do my exercises. (That was a really strange way of putting it...) Basically, I'm avoiding any type of weight-related classes, and I'm replacing them with running. Lol, rip me. So I will update you next week with how that's going.

Here's some of my exercises that I've been doing! Feel free to save and use! :)

I also wanted to say that whilst I'm away, instead of doing shitty blog posts written in 2 minutes, I'm going to create a video during the week on my phone, and upload it onto YouTube. That way I'm still uploading on here.

That's all folks - see ya! :)
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Saturday 11 January 2020

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How the eff are we in 2020?! Where has the time gone? I'm having a small breakdown at the absolute shock at how we've made it to not just only a new year, but a new decade. W.T.F?!

As we're onto a New Year, I wanted to discuss my favourite books of 2019... & I'm not gonna lie, it's 7 books. 1 series. And I've been obsessed with it all year, as well as this.

The Harry Potter series. My love for Harry Potter (as you'll know if you followed my blog at any point in 2019), has become a brand new love of mine. DON'T WORRY I was a fan before this year, but I really got into the film and F I N A L Y read the books in 2019. And oh my goodness the difference it makes. THE BOOKS ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE FILMS! They leave so much IMPORTANT stuff out in the films!! (If you also agree, pls lemme know in the comments section!)

Because my love for Harry Potter got so big in 2019, 

I also visited the Harry Potter studio tour with Joanne and it was MAGICAL! I was so blown away by the magic, that myself and Joanne are already planning a trip to see the Halloween magic and also the winter magic. ESPECIALLY the winter magic. Here are some images, as well as videos from that:

Not going to lie, I’ve started re-reading the series again already. Which means I’ll be bringing some of the books along with me to Australia, however. I do want to start reading other books and I accidentally came across a reading list that’s called "A Hogwarts House Reading List: 20 Books for Gryffindors." Which makes me want to try a few of those out as well!

The beginning of this year is going to be a small mini series on my YouTube, all about getting prepared for Australia. I’m anxious/nervous about it; and I think it might help me feel a little bit more at ease. So I’ll be posting those from Sunday, and there’s a more funnier/personal one coming midweek next week. 

Already excited to get my blog back up and running. Speak soon!
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