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Tuesday 23 February 2021

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Hello lovelies, and happy Tuesday! Hope you're all doing well and the last week was okay! I;m off work this week, as it's my "Birthday Week", and to be honest, I just needed to use my holidays up before the end of the annual working year.

As you might remember, I am really getting into my Fitness Journey this year, and I'm ready to really make a change with myself. This also includes in me pre-planning my meals for the week, using The Body Coach app. So, because I'm trying to be more active on my Fitness Instagram, and thought it would be a fun idea to post reels on there and use all the new features! (Yes, I sound like a true millennial, I'm aware).

And I thought I would break down all the meals and my honest reviews on them. Most of these were from The Body Coach app, apart from one. So here we go!

Monday - Pork Soulvaki 

This was actually surprisingly delicious! Making the sauce/dip, was something that I thought would be difficult, but it proved me wrong. One thing I really hate doing, is touching and messing with raw meat. This recipe definitely included a lot of that. Not really for me, to be honest. However, once you leave it to marinate and then put together in a kebab, it's alright! And I learned how to use the grill for the first time ever! (Don't ask!)

Tuesday  - Spaghetti Bolognese

I really do love a good spag bol, and was pleasantly surprised that I managed to make a good one too! (Who knew following a step-by-step recipe, actually makes something taste right, eh????) I learned that evening, that my dad really loves the dish too, and was chuffed when he said he really enjoyed it! It was supposed to have cheese on it, however I personally wasn't in the mood for it on top of mine. Dad did though, and he liked it.

Wednesday - Philly Cheesesteak

This entire blog post is making me hungry at 7am, but ah well! This is a firm favourite in our house from the app. Every time I ask my dad to choose something for the week, this always comes up as one he wants to eat. Takes 2o minutes to cook (and about 45 minutes to prepare, because some reason, I'm so slow at dicing onions and dicing peppers!) Didn't actually take a picture of this one, because I was in a rush that evening. 

Thursday - Stuffed Peppers

So this was a simple dish, but I also learned I need to stop eating garlic bread. The calories are too high, but if you know any good recipes to make low fat garlic bread - please pass ya girl the recipe. Because I need it. However, this dish was entirely all me. (Not to rain on my own parade, but hey ho!) My dad wanted to use up the mince and make stuffed peppers. So what did I do? Obvs make bolognese-style stuffed peppers. I loved the spag bol so much, I just did the same thing. We usually make stuffed peppers with rice and tuna, thanks to good ol' pinch of nom, so I did my own thing. Turns out, I can actually make stuff up that tastes nice.

Friday - Prawn & Rocket Risotto

This was something I tried a previous week and LOVED. However, it seemed a bit more stodgy this week. Maybe watery is the best word for it??? Either way, still tasted absolutely DELISH! Risotto isn't something either parent particularly likes, however, my dad is the only one who will deal with it and eat it. So my mum won't be having this one with me, any time soon. Also managed to violently stir the risotto near the end of it, and ended up with loads down me. So 10/10 fail for me!

Saturday - Tuna mayo pasta

This is a fave of mine and has been for years. Not sure what I did differently for the first time in 10 years, however I was starving afterwards! Honestly, I was still so hungry, I ate an Asda margharita pizza afterwards. Because it states 75g of pasta and then it's just tuna, I should've probably added something with it, to make it more filling. Ah well! Always next time!

& that's everything I ate in a week! I had a Sunday Roast on (obvs) Sunday, however I was working at the same time, and completely forgot to take a pic/video! So do apologise! Lemme know what food you like to eat for your evening meal below in the comments; and please if you have a healthier garlic bread recipe - send it my way!
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Little Women Book Review

Monday 8 February 2021

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I’m still in a daydream of Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. And I’m not even sorry about it. I was worried that Little Women would take me ages to get into, like Pride and Prejudice, but thankfully, it didn’t. I fell straight into the characters and the story, and felt all the emotions as I went on. 
It made me wish I had one or more sisters growing up. Instead, I had an older brother, who eventually gave me a sister by marriage. Even though they had nothing, and would always hope not to be poor and to be able to afford nice things; they also taught me that the best things in life are free. And that you shouldn’t take that, and family, for granted. 
Meg taught me that it’s okay to want the husband, the house and the kids. To want to Belem successful and rich, as well as wishing you could follow your dream. But also accepting that it’s not always possible. 
Jo taught me to write. To just write fit myself and for my family. (Which thankfully I already do). That it’s okay to just want to support your family, and to give everything to it. She also caught me that it’s okay to have the fear of not wanting to get old, and for life to change. But to finally accept it when it means happiness for others.
Beth taught me that the world is cruel to even the ones that are selfless and kind. And that it makes no exception to those who would rather to everything for everyone else, for their own happiness; as that’s what makes them happy in life. She taught me that it’s okay to grow out of your comfort zone, but in your own time as well. 
Amy taught me that it’s okay to be selfish and think about only myself. To want better for myself and to fight for what I want, Amy was so self-assured and always wanted to be old than she is. In a way, ironically, I feel that. She taught me that sometimes being out of the know, is sometimes just to protect me. Rather than to spite me.
I finished the book in just under 2 weeks. It would’ve been quicker, had stuff in my personal life not been so hectic and crazy. And with these kinds of books; - Little Women and Pride and Prejudice - I wanted to read the book and then watch the film. I finished the book Thursday evening and watched the film on Friday evening, and it was perfect and exactly how I envisioned it. I laughed, I cringed and I cried. I fell in love, I fell out of love; and I realised that sometimes you can love someone and think it’s everything. But you love the idea of them and it’s not real. However, you can see someone who you’ve known for years again, and it can feel like the first time. 
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