Saturday 27 July 2019

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Hello everyone - I hope you're well! Today is a rainy Saturday, and I've spent part of it like a drowned rat - so I'm HEAVILY missing the sunshine! Anyway, I keep forgetting about updating my blog, and I've been focusing on my YouTube.

Ever since my love for Harry Potter has gained speed, I wanted to revamp my YouTube channel, talking about different aspects of it. So I thought it'd be nice to update you all with what I've been uploading, and I'll remember to also post it here too. So without further adieu...

2019 Channel Trailer

I thought it'd be best to upload this one first onto this post, because it kind of explains everything down to a 't'. This was a spur of the moment idea to film and post this, hence the bad lighting and the crappy editing lols.

My New Love For Harry Potter

I was really excited to upload this (& I'm aware how fangirly I sound - don't worry!) But somehow, I fell down the rabbit hole and also decided, "why not film a video?" The video pretty much explains itself, tbh.

Gryffindor Makeup Look FAIL.

I was so excited to film this one and was proper G U T T E D that it failed. I'm not an expert on makeup and would never claim to be. So just enjoy me absolutely failing.

GeekGear June Unboxing

This was my first subscription box I've ever had and my first unboxing video. It was so stressful because my camera kept dying and whilst editing, I realised the whole bloody video was blurry. So annoyed. 

&&&&&that's pretty much it for now. I'll be attempting regular uploads from now. Every Sunday at 4pm UK time, there will be a brand new video on my channel. See you there :) 
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