Body Confidence.

Monday 27 August 2018

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Following on from my video that just went live at the same time as this post, I wanted to share a little bit more info on why I wanted to do this. I have this weird mentality, where if I say something is okay, and everything is going to run smoothly; I’ll make sure it does. So I keep telling myself I’m going to be absolutely fine mentally on holiday, and I’ll keep telling myself that, until I believe it and it happens. This video for me, was a big one for me. I’m actually surprised I’ve uploaded it and let it go live. But like I said in the video, I’m on my holibobs and not looking online as often so... ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผ‍♀️.


Pinafore dress // Primark
Black shirt // (probs) Primark
Tights // ngl, no idea. Probably George. 


Blush // Makeup Revolution
Eyeshadow // Freedom Eyeshadow

Just a quick disclaimer, O B V I O U S L Y none of these links are affiliated, I’ve not been sponsored by any brands. 

And of course, last but not least, here’s the vid:

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Reviewing Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!

Friday 17 August 2018

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So I feel like I'm finally emotionally stable enough to talk about Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again. And I have A LOT to say!


In 1979 young Donna, Tanya and Rosie graduate from Oxford University -- leaving Donna free to embark on a series of adventures throughout Europe. On her journeys, she makes the acquaintances of Harry, Bill and Sam -- the latter whom she falls in love with, but he's also the man who breaks her heart. In the present day, Donna's pregnant daughter, Sophie, dreams of renovating a taverna while reuniting with her mother's old friends and boyfriends on the Greek island of Kalokairi.

I went into the cinema with my mum both excited and nervous. With the realisation that the weeks of questioning IS DONNA ALIVE?! was finally going to be answered. I was waiting to see this a second time, but with my new work schedule, I haven't managed to see it again yet. But on Monday (20th August) I'm off to see it again, and I CANNOT WAIT!

For me, there was a few difference between the 1st film and the 2nd film. Some bugged me a little bit, just with the continuity of it, and how it changed a lot from the two different films. One of the big ones for me was the dads. Let's look at the differences:

So in the first film, Harry was known as Harry Headbanger. This rock-punk kind of dude with the eyeliner, spiked hair and edgy look to him. In the second film, the only thing that's actually the same, is that he wears a leather jacket. They made the personalities the same; aka awkward, camp, and hilarious. I loved getting to know Harry through Donna, and how they met, etc. But I must I was a little disappointed that he wasn't how he was perceived in the first film at this age.

Sam Carmichael. He's made out to be a "hippie" type of character with long hair, weird facial hair and extremely old school. But the Sam from the second film had medium-length hair, wore a leather jacket, and drove a motorcycle. And with Bill Anderson's character. I feel is the only one that got represented similarly. Josh Dylan played Bill very well, I feel. The hair was a little shorter for Young Bill, and he wasn't as "hippie" as he was made out to be in the first film, but I felt like he was the most realistically and similar in both films. 

Another thing that really confused me was Donna's mum. In the first film, after Super Trooper, she states that she's dead. "Somebody up there, has got it in for me. I bet it's my mother." So when she appears in the second film and I was like ?????

Now moving onto the music. THE. MUSIC!!!! I AM OBSESSED! I listen to the music CONSTANTLY and I'm writing in caps because that's how excited I am!!!!

My favourite songs are When I Kissed The Teacher, Why Did It Have To Be Me? and Andante, Andante. I love the vibe of this album and it's such a feel-good album.

Unfortunately, I can't tell you which film I prefer because I love them both for different reasons. So if you haven't seen it, 1 are you crazy?! Go see it and let me know what you think!!

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What I Ate Wednesday

Wednesday 15 August 2018

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I must admit, I can be very lazy with what I eat on an evening. Pre-made meals from M&S are something that I live off. And they’re the balanced ones. But, let’s be real. They ain’t doing me any good. So instead, last week I decided to make my own meals and see how I felt afterwards. Honestly? 10 times better!! I think it’s because I was aware of what ingredients was in every meal, and if I wanted to, I could have counted the calories too.

So I took images of the first 4 days, as this is when I was at my dad’s and prepared it all myself. Here they are:

Monday: Pesto Fish with boiled potatoes, peppers and veg. 

Not gonna lie, I was so excited to make this. No idea why. I saw an image online and ever since, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So I decided to get the ingredients and just make it. 

  • Fish (of your choice)
  • Pesto
  • Boiled Potatoes
  • Red Peppers
  • Carrots
Making this meal was actually kind of a "risk" because I wasn't sure how pesto on fish would actually taste to me. I can be known to be quite picky when it comes to food. Only because I only liked a small amount of food when I was young, and now as I'm an adult, I love experimenting. Not gonna lie, my taste buds were a little confused, because usually when I have pesto, it's on chicken. And eating this, I expected it to taste the same (don't know why). But I really enjoyed it, and it was really filling.

Tuesday: Chicken Stir-fry.

Okay I confess! I attempted to make my Mum's Famous Stir Fry and I FAILED!!! No one can make the stir fry like her, and I will HATE anyone else's. Including my own. I was so gutted as well, because I had been looking forward to this all day, and it just wasn't good.

  • Chicken breast
  • Mixed Pepper Stir Fry Mix
  • Light Soy Sauce
I was all ready to be proper smug with my mum, and prove that I could make a better stir fry than hers, and it completely flopped. Honestly have no idea where it went wrong! Might be because my mum uses Birdseye Chicken Breasts and I used regular???? Not a clue! But I sent her a picture and even she admitted, it looked pretty shit. So note to self: just leave it to the expert.

Wednesday: Homemade Prawn Linguine

I decided to put the two pictures up so it kind of made sense why it looks so weird and maybe gross???? Basically on a Wednesday, if I have the day off on Thursday, I go to my Nana and Grandad's house and we eat there for tea. 

  • Prawns
  • Tagliatelle 
  • Garlic
  • Dry White Wine
  • Double Thick Cream
  • Parmesan 
I found this recipe online and I LOVE IT! This is a brand new thing I'm obsessed with making. My best friend Phoebe has asked if I'll make it on holiday as well, so looks like we have one meal sorted LOL. I made a big batch for my dad and I, and honestly it's so DELISH! This is deffo one where I'd make a side post/video on how to make this. Although, I get stressed halfway through.

Thursday: Steak with diane sauce and veg.

๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I'm aware there's A LOT of sauce on there. In fact, here's the conversation I had with Phoebe:

I'm a follow the instructions, kind of gal. And that's what it told me to put in! I realised, as I poured it out, that it was a bit too much. But OH WELL!

  • Sirloin Steak
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • SA Sauces; Diane Sauce
SA Sauces is a brand that I came across at The North Leeds Food Festival. The owner had a stall, and we tried some of her sauces, and I bought some. I've been meaning to try a new one for weeks, and decided to use the Diane Sauce with my steak. And it didn't disappoint! Loved it! Check them out because they're super cheap and affordable!

But anyway, the meal. I thought the Diane sauce had a lovely kick to it! It was thick and creamy (sounds gross), and I really liked it. Highly recommend.

Overall, I loved making the food. I felt more in control, and I loved knowing what was being put into the meals. If you're feeling like you're in a slum and want to try out any of the meals, go for it and let me know. And if you want a recipe of any of the meals I made, leave me a comment or a tweet, and I'll do it!

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Friday 10 August 2018

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Happy Friday everybody! I thought I would post a brand new workout for you all to give it a try. I've tested this myself and can confirm that it's brutal, and you definitely feel it the next day.

Let me know how you get on with this one!
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Can’t Win.

Wednesday 8 August 2018

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There’s been an almost revelation in my head,
That maybe it’s time to make this bed. 
Because what I thought was real,
Isn’t what you feel.
And maybe now, it’s time to say goodbye. 

I realise that what I was thinking was wrong,
That maybe you’d change, and I’d belong.
But I feel like a naive child,
For allowing my head to be wild. 
Now it’s time to let the thoughts die. 
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