Mini Book Haul!

Monday 28 December 2020

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Hello everyone and welcome back to my page! I've decided that for my last post of 2020, the god-awful year, I'd do a wholesome haul, on some new books I've purchased. Not an ad, but these were purchased from Waterstones. Joanne did tell me about a website called Books2door, however they didn't have one of the books in store and I was desperate to start reading it. I only got 3 books this time around, because I'm also getting books for Christmas. (I'm a nerd yes. And technically, two of them are baking books, but still!) So I thought I'd show you everything I bought this haul and then explain why. Here we go!

How cute is this bookmark?! So in typical Brogan-fashion, I added this bookmark, just because I wanted free delivery. And then I added a discount code thanks to Honey. And then still had to pay delivery, so that was an epic fail! But I'm glad I got this, because look how cute it is!

There's a theme to the purchases. However, thanks to Booktok, I've finally decided to buy Little Women. I've never seen the film, but I'll consider it after reading this book. I'm going to do a review on all the books, so keep an eye out for that.

I'M SO EXCITED TO READ THIS!!!! Ever since people have been recommending this on Booktok, I've been dying to read this book. I know it's shocking, but I've never read it, nor seen either film. And when I finally read this, I'll watch the Colin Firth version, because let's be real. He's a babe. I'll be reading this first in 2021.

So this one didn't match the theme - aka not an older book, but this has been shown several times that I just had to buy it. It sounds a bit depressing and now I'm worried I'm going to be emosh. I'll be sure to post a review on this one as well.

Let me know your thoughts on these books if you've read/watched them. 2021, I'll be more active here and will be posting reviews on these three books!! Byeeeee :)

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Harry Potter Studios Tour: A Celebration Of Slytherin!

Monday 19 October 2020


Hello and welcome back to my blog, with my annual fangirl about the Harry Potter Studios Tour. Especially due to the coronavirus and the entire shitshow that is 2020, it's really cheered me up. My mental health has been so up and down lately - as I think loads of other people’s has been - so having this to look forward to, has been a great distraction for me.

Picture credit: Joanne

So, of course, I went with Joanne again. To be honest, I don’t think anyone else could handle me when I’m lost in Harry Potter. So Joanne, hats off to ya! We travelled down the day before - so I drove to Joanne’s house, left my car there, and Joanne drove us down to Watford. She’s only been passed for just under a year, so understandably, she was feeling a little nervous for the drive. 

I did vlog it, but I decided not to post it. No particular reason, other than I didn’t trunk it was interesting enough! I would’ve had to have edited out a big chunk of it, as Joanne and me then decided we wanted to do a video on a big part of the vlog. (Might get filmed and uploaded at some point in 2021!)

The hotel. Jesus, what to say? To be fair, the staff and actual hotel room were lovely. It was the guests! So for some reason - potentially an internal excitement I wasn’t aware of - I was already having trouble sleeping. We were getting up at 6am, to checkout at 8; and then at 4am, some woman decided go have an argument in the corridor!! All in all, I had around 3 hours sleep. I wish I was joking. 

Picture credit: Joanne

Pretty sure this was my 3rd outfit change, but this one stuck! (Not of the day - just when planning!) Not gonna lie, I was super nervous about this outfit. I’m a pretty self-conscious person, so drawing attention to myself isn’t something I aim to do. But I’m so happy that I listened to Joanne and went out of my comfort zone. 

This bit mesmerises me every time, that I wanted it to have its moment for a sec, because of course it was the

Celebration Of Slytherin. 

Picture credit: Joanne

As a fellow Gryffindor that is currently obsessing over Draco Malfoy on TikTok, I was extremely happy to see that Slytherin were finally getting their moment. And because out of luck, Joanne and I chose the 9am tour slot; IT WAS SO EMPTY! We was the first group and it was amazing! If you’re thinking about going to the tour; try your best to get the 9am slot. You won’t be sorry!!

The first time I went last year, we went at noon; and as you can imagine, it was busy af. So the idea of using all the interactive sections and the “photo ops” bits, was a big no for me. However, this time around - I went for it. I thought, “fuck it! I’m walking around in robes - let your hair down!” And I did. Enjoy the footage/pictures below!

Picture credit: Joanne

If you’ve made it to the end - Gold star for you! For a more in-depth view of the tour, my vlog is below, as well as my haul of what I purchased whilst I was there. 

Robe - Platform 9 3/4 Shop
Mask - Platform 9 3/4 Shop

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Why Draco Malfoy deserved a redemption arc!

Monday 5 October 2020


Well lads, I've been meaning to do this as a video. However, I think it would be better to sit down and really think about how I wanted to get my point across.

I firstly want to state that I, Brogan, am a Gryffindor. I'm a proud Gryffindor and my favourite characters have always and always will be Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. However, if you're like me and have been currently stuck on Draco TikTok, you know that your love for Draco has suddenly come out of nowhere. Well, I say this; I've always thought Draco was attractive. We all love a bad boy, don't we? (Insert the Gogglebox hilarious reference there)

Draco Malfoy deserved the redemption arc over Severus Snape, mainly because he was The Boy Who Had No Choice. Yes, he was a spoilt brat and yes he hated anything other than Pure Bloods, however he was taught that from his parents who were death eaters. So overall, that's expected from him, when you really think about it. 

If you've read the books, you'll know that Harry actually meets Draco in Diagon Alley, when shopping to buy his robes. He asks Harry if he's off to Hogwarts as well, and can we please just point out; that Draco willingly spoke to Harry without knowing anything. Because as we know, Slytherin's are all about purebloods and being the most superior; however Draco spoke to Harry without knowing who he was, what his blood status was, etc. It wasn't until Harry rejected his friendship that Draco decided to be a dick. Why? Because he wanted to be different to his dad and how he treated people. But Harry had rejected his friendship, and he felt there was no need to be nice anymore. Thus, Bully Draco happened.

First of all I just want to point out that I hate that I'm using this picture. Why? Because I don't ship Draco and Hermione. It doesn't make sense as a ship!!!! However, it's this scene that the theory begins. Just before this part of the scene, we see Draco ripping up a piece of paper out of a book. (The Hermione in me could never forgive this!) And as we know, Lucius replaces the school book to Tom Riddle's diary in Ginny's bucket. It's said that Draco was aware of what Lucius/The Dark Lord was plotting to do, and because of the fact Harry hates Draco, he wanted to let them know somehow. 

Now let's be honest here: Would Hermione Jean Granger; lover of books and all things learning, rip out part of a book? No. But who did? Draco. Which means that somehow he managed to pass this information over to Hermione without her knowing. (Because let's be honest, after someone called you a "filthy little mudblood", you're not going to want to accept their help, are you? Another reason why the ship doesn't make sense, fyi).

I just want to point out that this is a theory I've found and might not actually be true. But it's something I believe he'd do, because he wasn't actually that bad underneath his father's controlling ways and beliefs. 

Throughout Half Blood Prince, we see Draco Malfoy and Tom Felton get the screentime he deserves. We see Draco fighting against his internal struggle to please The Dark Lord, and help redeem the Malfoy name after the whole Ministry incident. He's got the Dark Mark and he's been assigned a task: Kill Dumbledore. Now, in my head, I always think that both Harry and Draco are quite similar in the fact that Hogwarts felt like their home. 

Draco wasn't constantly being belittled by his dad, and he didn't have to really pretend he had to be someone he didn't want to be. He could pretty much be himself, even if he was Bully Draco every once in a while. (When your pride is hurt, you make stupid decisions, okay!!!!)

Part of the reason Hogwarts felt like home to Draco, is because of his headmaster: Albus Dumbledore. And that man, as much of an abuser as he was to Harry; he knew that this was a task assigned to Draco, that he couldn't handle. So he set up his own plan: Make Snape do it instead. And Narcissa knew the same as well. Why should her boy have to suffer for something his dad did? Why should he be the one to sort out this mess?

At the end of Half Blood Prince, we see Hermione ask Harry if Draco would've done it. Harry replies that he was already lowering his wand, because he didn't want to kill him. Imagine not having the unbreakable vow and Dumbledore creating his own plan with Snape. Draco would've suffered consequences with The Dark Lord, and he's very aware of that. Bellatrix tries to help him out and encourages him; however, he can't find it inside himself to actually kill the man that made this place feel like home.

You and I both know that Draco Malfoy knew that it was in fact Harry Potter sitting in front of him. And he couldn't be sure. Or so he says. Just like Half Blood Prince, Draco is struggling. Because you can tell every time he's on the screen in either of the Deathly Hallows films, he's torn. Hogwarts is his home and his friends are there. Yet his family need him to help make the Malfoy name great again.

However, here's the boy that he met all those years ago, and wanted to be friends with. His face looks mashed up for some reason he can't decide why, and he's being asked to identify this man as Harry Potter, so they can call The Dark Lord to finally finish him once and for all. And something inside Draco is torn with that. He believes the same thing he does: Harry needs to kill him.

Hermione and Ron are there with him and there's no jinx on their faces. It's obvious it's him. But he simply says, "I can't be sure", stands up and walks away. Leaving Lucius and Bellatrix to decide if it's worth the risk.

He stands with the Hogwarts side. Has this never occurred to you? He has the Dark Mark on his arm, and when The Dark Lord arrives back from the forbidden forest to declare that Harry Potter is dead, he's standing with his classmates. Because he never wanted this. He didn't want to be chosen to be on The Dark Lord's side. He agreed with his classmates and he wanted to help them.

One part of this moment above that really irks me; is that as Lucius calls Draco over to their side - HE LOOKS AROUND! He wants someone on the Hogwarts side to tell him to stay. That he belongs on their side. That he shouldn't go back to The Dark Lord. But they don't. They let him go. And I've always said to Joanne, why didn't anyone stop him? And it's probably because he knows. He knows he doesn't have a choice and that he has to choose The Dark Lord. But I would've loved to have seen someone tell him to stay where he is and to stand with his peers.

And don't get me started on that deleted scene.

So those are my reasons why I feel Draco Malfoy deserved a redemption arc. Let me know in the comments below what you think.

I've also got two videos Draco/Harry Potter related below. Enjoy :)

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My Unpopular FRIENDS Opinions!

Monday 28 September 2020

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Hello everyone, and happy Monday! I was originally going to do this as a video, however I just prefer my YouTube channel to be just vlogs at the minute, as that's what I prefer to watch/edit. So instead, I decided to really sit down and write down my unpopular FRIENDS opinion.

I'm very aware that it's been years since FRIENDS ended, however let's be honest; we all still love it. So I'm going to put together 5 potentially unpopular opinions, and I'd love to see your feedback on it.

1. Rachel and Gavin deserved more of a storyline.

Now this is possibly my most unpopular opinion: I really loved the Rachel x Gavin relationship! However, you can tell that the show's writer's only wanted the Ross x Rachel storyline, because so many people were rooting for it. However, Rachel and Gavin's personalities just seem to mesh so well!!!! There's something about how they engaged that really made me happy. And I loved it so much, that I literally got a story idea over their relationship. 

And what really effed me off, is that there was a relationship that began and then POOF! HE DISAPPEARED!!!!!! They didn't even give him a proper goodbye! I know that Dermot Mulroney is a very popular actor, so he probably had other commitments, however their relationship deserved a finished and an end.

2. Rachel should've gotten on the plane.

Now I know this sounds bad, however this was Rachel's dream job. And she gave it up for a boy?! Is this LC or Rachel?! I get that Ross finally gets his shit together and finally decides that he's ready to full on commit because it's the finale, etc. However, if he really loved her, (yes I fucking said it), then he should've gotten on the goddamn plane and gone with her.

I get that he had Ben that was living with Carol and Susan; and as soon as Emma was born, he was completely forgotten about, however he should've made it work. Why was it always about what Ross wanted rather than Rachel? For example; getting a job thanks to Mark, and having to break up because it was a jealous little bitch every five minutes, because girls and boys can't be just friends.

I do think that because Rachel has been really enjoying her job and really wanted to achieve higher in her career, that she finally got the opportunity, he should've followed her to Paris.

3. As I got older, I never shipped Ross x Rachel.

Is this even controversial anymore? Is this even unpopular anymore? I feel that as a lot of fans have gotten older, they've realised that Ross and Rachel's relationship was quite toxic. They were constantly getting together and breaking up, etc. However, it was always what Ross wanted! He was clearly one of those men that thinks that earning money is the man's job, and the woman's job is being at his beck and call. And because Rachel started the show as a damsel in distress, and Ross clearly loved that about her. 

Then she got herself together and began finding a career that she was really good at, and that she was passionate about. However, because her world didn't revolve around him, he didn't like it. He argued constantly with her and brought her down all the time. He wasn't a great person, and in my opinion, their relationship is toxic.

4. I never shipped Phoebe and Joey.

Is this unpopular? Imagine if Monica and Chandler got together, Ross and Rachel got together; and then the writers went: fuck it! Let's get Phoebe and Joey together. Wouldn't have made any sense! I loved their friendship and loved that they always gravitated together in most situations. And it was a good thing that the show portrayed that girls and boys can be just friends! They both have similar personalities and completely are in-tune with each other, and their friendship just makes sense.

Also, I absolutely love Phoebe and Mike. Maybe it's my love of Paul Rudd, but I thought that he was the right amount of weird, with a big hint of serious. He was the perfect balance of weird and serious, that Phoebe needed in her life. However, if you had Phoebe and Joey together, it wouldn't have worked.

5. Joey deserved to find someone.

Throughout the entire show, we saw Joey being a full-on player, however it was in a more respectable way. Yes, he slept with loads of women, etc. although he never lead anyone on. (If he did, I can't remember it) As the series progressed during the later series, Joey wanted a relationship. He even considered ruining his friendship with Rachel, just because he wanted a relationship like Monica and Chandler's. And I get that him ending with someone might've been a bit too typical, although I would've loved to have seen him settled down or beginning a relationship. And it was such a shame!

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Finding my fitness feet????

Friday 18 September 2020

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 Happy Friday everyone! I hope you're all good and well! I've finished for the week (no working this weekend, thank the lord!) So basically I'm feeling the whole TGIF feels, right now. Anywho, I decided that on Thursday (last Thursday, not the one that was yesterday), that I'd start taking the whole fitness thing more seriously. Have I talked about fitness too much? Potentially. Am I going to talk about it again. Yes. 

As you know, I've been running three times a week, and I'm not gonna lie, I really enjoy it. I've started posting on my Fitness Instagram a lil bit more, and trying to figure out what I want that space to be. (Kinda like this blog, but yeah).

And I'm still doing my 5k runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. However, I have noticed that my time is pretty much the same. So much, that I could just change the title of the run every day and pretend that I did it. So it's a little bit annoying, which means I've been trying to figure out how to get faster.

So I went to a Facebook group that I'm apart of, which is Lucy's Squad. It's a group thing for people who follow Lucy Wyndham-Read on YouTube. I asked for any advice, and a lot of people were saying to change my route, as you get too used to it. However, it's been over a week since I began writing this, and can confirm that this is still not the case!!!

However, what I've been doing for my cardio sessions, is working on adding on more exercise videos every time, and so far, I've been loving it. Because most of Lucy's videos are 7 minutes for HIIT style videos or leg/thigh workouts. So I've been enjoying creating different variations of a workout. However, I started off with 3 videos: 2 7-minute videos and a 5-minute ab workout. Then on Tuesday I added 2 more 7-minute videos and to came to a 33 minute workout and oh my lord, it was tough and I loved it!

I'm still taking progress pictures and once I feel comfortable with how I look, I'll definitely post on here at some point. I find weighing myself too much for my body dysmorphia, however progress pictures help me see my actual progress. So if you're feeling low about the numbers on your scales, I highly recommend just taking weekly front and side progress pictures instead.
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Why can't I find my Mark Darcy?

Monday 7 September 2020

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 For the longest time, I've said that Bridget Jones was an autobiography on my own life. But only in certain senses. Her personality and mannerisms are definitely me down to a tee, however I'm not actually as lucky as Miss Jones in the dating department. She (in the films) had two men after her at the same time. Mate, I'd be lucky if I had one. HA! Which is clearly laughable. 

For as long as I can remember, I've always dreamed of having a man like Mark Darcy. He was the typical tall, dark and handsome that every girl always goes on about, at some point in her life. In Bridget Jones Diary, he's very serious, he's got a very good poker face and he likes her. Just as she is. (Which come on - YOU WOULD DIE IF SOMEONE SAID THAT TO YOU!!!) 

Bridget in the bottom gif would be my face as well!! Imagine?! I would fucking die! However, I've never been lucky enough to be in this kind of scenario where not just 1 but even 2 guys are fighting for my affection. (Albeit, Daniel Cleaver's ego has been shattered and only wants Bridget back just for shagging purposes. He never liked her fully, let's be real!)

Basically ever since I was young, I always compare guys that I like to either a Mark Darcy or a Daniel Cleaver status in my head. If you're a Daniel; you're not worth my time, you're going to fuck me over and it'll last for a mere 5 minutes. However, if you're a Mark; even if I find you infuriating there's something about you that keeps you in my head, and I have a soft spot for you. 

Myself and my friend Danielle, use this analogy regularly. Especially recently when I was struggling to decide which of two boys to focus my attention on. (Please can we laugh at this, because neither were worth it and I'm a fucking idiot!) But the analogy nonetheless, does help me see things from a more realistic prospective. And that usually leads to any guy that I begin to like, last only a mere week in my head, before their true colours come out. 

If I'm being honest, I think that's why I find online dating so difficult. Because it's like, how do I figure out if you're a Mark Darcy or a Daniel Cleaver from text messages?! Also, my absolute favourite thing, is that two guys in my life have started off as a Mark Darcy, and ended up being a Daniel Cleaver in the end . Which is actually rather annoying. But hey ho! Thanks for finally showing your true colours, boys. 

If you're being 100% honest with yourself: would you prefer a Mark Darcy or a Daniel Cleaver? P.S. How many people are now watching to watch the film????? Because I now am!

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Fitness Friday || Self love & Self reflect.

Friday 21 August 2020


Happy Friday everyone, I hope you've smashed your goals for the week. I know I'm getting there. 

I wanted to sit here today and just be honest, and speak my mind about all things Fitness and my own personal journey. Because I want to be honest here, and I want to be able to discuss everything. I was originally going to do an IGTV on my Fitness Instagram, but I always find them really awkward to film and I feel like it won't make much difference to my own thoughts. If that makes sense?? 

I've been having issues with my "weight loss journey" for the past 3-4 years, and as you can imagine, it's so fucking frustrating! (Excuse the language, but am from Yorkshire, and we swear to emphasise the point!) I could be on a really good eating plan; meal prepping, eating nothing but good food and cutting down on alcohol intake, and it made no difference. And it really got me down and really made me think about what it could be that was stopping it. Was my exercises not good enough? 

Everyone was seeing progress and I was seeing nothing? It does make you wonder though, just because you're not personally seeing your own progress, doesn't mean others aren't. My nana will compliment me, and tell me that it looks like I'm losing weight, and of course; I never believe her. Because I can't see it. 

So this is why I've started taking progress pictures, for my own eyes only (for now). I did a comparison a few weeks ago, and already noticed a small difference with myself. Because I'm really working on the particular areas and I'm enjoying the whole exercise-lifestyle again!

I started taking the pill in April 2016, and to me personally, it feels from then I've been struggling to keep weight off. In case you didn't know, one of the main side effects for taking the pill is weight gain. And how is that fair?! So I've been doing some research on myself, and I figured out that it was in fact the pill, that's the reason I'm struggling. (Not the only, but one of the main reasons)

Warning, this part I get critical about my own body, as I look through images.

December 2013.

I actually really liked my body at this point in my life. I was 18 years old and just finished college at this point, and was just about to start my first job in 2014. However, I don't think I was as self conscious as I am now.

April 2014.

I wouldn't be able to tell you anything negative about my body here, because I was comfortable, once again. Please ignore the hair, it reminds me of lockdown days, and jesus I didn't realise how bad it looked. 

October 2014.

I really like my body shape here. I remember feeling really good about myself in this dress, and was surprised at myself for buying such a bodycon style dress. 

February 2020

Can we firstly take a moment to appreciate how adorable my grandparents are?! Love them so much!! Anyways, this is from my trip to Australia at the beginning of the year. And all I can see is thick thighs and wide hips. However, I really enjoyed wearing this outfit and I'd still wear it again 100%! If I could still have the same body as I did from December 2013, I'd be swell. But you know what? I'm gonna have to fucking work to get it! And that's okay! I need to learn to not make excuses anymore and accept that this is my body. Even though I need to love myself for how I look in the moment, I can also accept that I want to look better. And I will.

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Do Not Disturb: I'm Writing A Book! || 02

Monday 17 August 2020


I've finished my first chapter!!! It feels like it's taken forever, which to be fair, it probably has. I came up with the story idea on 28th April 2020! It's now August!!!! The whole working from home and trying to distance myself away from my laptop, once my shift is over; is just making it difficult sometimes.

However, these are literally just excuses! Why? Because I write the chapter in my notebook, which means I have literally no excuses! So with me becoming more organised and planning my days better, I'm going to try and finish Chapter 2 by the end of August. GULP! However, I've bought and downloaded a new planning app, which if it's any good; I'll be letting you know all about it!

It's one of those situations, where I know exactly what I want to write and the progress of the character development, etc. It's just writing it down. I overthink a lot! So I worry there's too many writing dialogues, too many descriptions, etc. But I need to learn to kind of accept that the story is fine and what I'm writing is good enough.

A kind of short blog post today, just because I wanted to let you all know how it's going. However, will be back shortly. Bye :)
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Monday 3 August 2020

Hello my lovelies! Hope you're doing well, despite the awks pandemic and being stuck in lockdown... I've wanted to do this blog post for a while now, but finally have some new books to read, rather than the same 7. (If you know, you know -- you're about to either way!) And I wanted to talk about some books I've been reading, as well as what I'm about to start reading!!

So if you know, you know, that the only series I seem to read for the past year (not even lying), is the Harry Potter series. It's such an addictive world, that I can't help finishing Deathly Hallows, and opening Philosopher's Stone the next day. However, I wanted to get out of that cycle, and read something different. Something a little more "mature" and a little more relevant to me. 

Enter the Bridget Jones trilogy. Look, don't come at me okay? I already hate myself! I've LOVED the first two Bridget Jones films (the first more than the second) for yonks!!!! And then of course, Bridget Jones Baby came out and I fell in love with that one too. BUT, I've never read the books. 

Now, as someone that is an avid lover of Bridget Jones, I realise how shameful that is. (Almost as shameful as claiming to love the Harry Potter films, without reading a single one of the books. Then reading them i 2019 and realise my life is a lie, because the books are 100 times better!!)

If anyone has actually read these books, let me know below what you think. I'll also be doing a review on each book, so look out for those! I'll be back shortly in the week! Bye!!
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Friday 31 July 2020

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Hello everyone! I'm back and raring to go with my blog posts and updating this more frequently! I've got a ton of ideas, thanks to becc4, so I'm here for the next several weeks. 

This week it's all about my fave thing: MUSIC. Whilst working from home, I find I need a distraction, whilst working at my desk. Apart from lately, I've relied on my Alexa to play my Spotify playlists. I've been also watching good old Netflix shows, for example Friends. Absolutely OBSESSED with that show!! However, music is my second true love (the first obviously being books), so here are a few playlists I've been loving!

1. Summer 2020

This was a playlist that I took inspiration from another pre-made Spotify playlist. The ones that change practically every week. I really enjoyed the music from this particular shuffle of songs put together, that I decided to create this Summer playlist. It has a mixture of my faves; i.e. Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Jonas Brothers, etc. And as well, it has a few artists I haven't heard of, but enjoy the song nonetheless. So feel free to give it a gander, and lemme know what you think! 😄

2. I Love You's Radio

This started from the Hailee Steinfield song: I Love You (surprise, surprise), and I wanted to hear similar songs that would be put together in a playlist. This radio pretty much changes every time you listen to it - and as you can see on this one, it doesn't even start with Hailee's, which is a bit awks. (It does on Spotify, so no idea what this playlist is doing like!) And I'm aware with my love of One Direction and a certain blonde-that's-now-turned-back-to-his-natural-brunette-hair-colour, is her ex-boyfriend, but it's the only exemption to the rule! I love this song, and I honestly think it's the only one of her songs I like, but yeah. I enjoy the changes to the Radio songs every time I listen to it! 🤗

3. One Direction - Official Playlist

Thanks to the 10 year anniversary on July 23rd, ya looking at a girl who happily dived back into the fandom! Were we clowned? Yes. Am I surprised? No.  (I'm going to do a post uploading on Sunday of my recent vlogs, as yes - I also vlogged it too!!!) I wasn't aware there was this playlist, because I always listen to This is One Direction. So can confirm, I prefer this one to the one Spotify created. No shade. Just honesty here. This playlist really brought me back to my fangirl days and yes, I've officially been roped back in. #NoRegrets! 🥰

*    *    *    *    *

I was going to write more, but after looking through my most recent playlists, these three are the ones on heavy rotation! The other stuff I listen to whilst working from home, are just albums in general; (and yes, they all involve members of One Direction!)

Let me know in the comments what music you've been listening to, whilst working from home. And if you made it this far, comment below, "accio comment." Bye! 💕
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Workouts at home!

Wednesday 29 July 2020

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Hello everyone! Back and raring to go - thanks to becc4, I have a bunch of blog posts ideas, to keep my blog up and running (and returning) with content that I can post, whilst we're still kinda in lockdown. 

So this one is all about the workouts I've been doing during the time we've been in lockdown, and hopefully, can help you all out if you're needing new ideas. So I'm going to do different subheadings for the ones I've genuinely been loving and you'll have to let me know what you think of these accounts! (They're all YouTube based, if this helps!)


I did some of his HIIT, abs and cardio workouts and I really enjoyed them. Unlike being at the gym (well mine, that is), it's nice to exercise alongside with you in the time he's telling you to workout. I find it a lot more motivating as well.


I adore this woman. And her workouts as well. She was a YouTuber I had my eye on back in like 2013, when I was really interested in the UK YouTuber gang: aka. Zoe Sugg, Alfie Deyes, Joe Sugg, Tanya Burr, etc. And I started getting into The Lean Machines online, as well as Carly, as she's married to Leon. Her workouts are quick and effective, and I really enjoy them.


Oh my god, this is the most recent fitness vlogger I've used and I love her. She's tough, she's honest and she has amazing FREE programs. I started the 2 weeks shred challenge, and found it very effective. I didn't complete it or film my results, because I've missed running and got back to that. So that's my main focus, at the minute.

These are some YouTubers that I've enjoyed during lockdown, however if you're interested in checking them out - please do! If you've made it this far, please comment "Accio comment."
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Do Not Disturb: I'm writing a book! || 01

Monday 20 July 2020

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Hi guys, so it's been a little while since I've posted on here. But I'm back getting organised and bringing some content on here. When I first started making thus blog, I was writing a book called Control Over Me. It's the first book I've ever written, and even though I no longer read that genre, I'm still really proud of it. My blog posts back then, consisted on updates about the book, because I was so focused and excited about it.