Finding my fitness feet????

Friday 18 September 2020

 Happy Friday everyone! I hope you're all good and well! I've finished for the week (no working this weekend, thank the lord!) So basically I'm feeling the whole TGIF feels, right now. Anywho, I decided that on Thursday (last Thursday, not the one that was yesterday), that I'd start taking the whole fitness thing more seriously. Have I talked about fitness too much? Potentially. Am I going to talk about it again. Yes. 

As you know, I've been running three times a week, and I'm not gonna lie, I really enjoy it. I've started posting on my Fitness Instagram a lil bit more, and trying to figure out what I want that space to be. (Kinda like this blog, but yeah).

And I'm still doing my 5k runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. However, I have noticed that my time is pretty much the same. So much, that I could just change the title of the run every day and pretend that I did it. So it's a little bit annoying, which means I've been trying to figure out how to get faster.

So I went to a Facebook group that I'm apart of, which is Lucy's Squad. It's a group thing for people who follow Lucy Wyndham-Read on YouTube. I asked for any advice, and a lot of people were saying to change my route, as you get too used to it. However, it's been over a week since I began writing this, and can confirm that this is still not the case!!!

However, what I've been doing for my cardio sessions, is working on adding on more exercise videos every time, and so far, I've been loving it. Because most of Lucy's videos are 7 minutes for HIIT style videos or leg/thigh workouts. So I've been enjoying creating different variations of a workout. However, I started off with 3 videos: 2 7-minute videos and a 5-minute ab workout. Then on Tuesday I added 2 more 7-minute videos and to came to a 33 minute workout and oh my lord, it was tough and I loved it!

I'm still taking progress pictures and once I feel comfortable with how I look, I'll definitely post on here at some point. I find weighing myself too much for my body dysmorphia, however progress pictures help me see my actual progress. So if you're feeling low about the numbers on your scales, I highly recommend just taking weekly front and side progress pictures instead.

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