Dreaming Of Harry Potter Studio Tour.

Monday 8 June 2020

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Is it too early to be excited to revisit the Harry Potter tour in October???? Because it's June and I have four whole months to wait!

I think I'm mainly excited, because this time, Joanne and I are going for Halloween! Which means we get to see the Dark Arts, and I think we're both incredibly excited to see how the Great Hall will be decorated!

I'm also wanting to purchase a few items from the shop, which I won't say what, because I'll be taking pictures and vlogging as well. So please look out for that! But I've also found a few items I can purchase earlier on, from the Platform 9 3/4 website. So when that's back up and running, I'll be ordering those as well. 

Please feel free to check out my previous HP Tour vlogs, and hopefully we can actually visit in October.... FINGERS CROSSED!

If you made it to the end of the blog post, please comment "Accio comment." :)
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Fitness Friday: 05.06.2020.

Friday 5 June 2020

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I wanted to do a follow up to Monday's post, about my current fitness journey. Ever since I came back from Australia, I decided to change it up. The main incentive was honestly lockdown. I started off with just doing online classes with my gym: Iveridge At Home, but this month I decided to change it up. I took up running 3 times a week, and try to get to my goal target. My only goal was: Do the run without stopping.

So with the Shagged, Married, Annoyed podcast playing through my earphones, I started Week 1:

Week One

So I decided to raise the run each time by 0.5k. On Monday, I started with a 3k run. It sounds strange, but it actually was tough. But I did it without stopping, so I was really happy.

On Wednesday, after being pleased and successful with Monday's run, I decided to do a 3.5k. Again, it wasn't all about time, it was about not stopping.

Friday I was the most worried, because it was a full other km. However, I managed it and was so chuffed.

Week Two

Week 2, was all about getting to 5k without stopping. As advised in my previous blog post, I completed the Couch to 5k app with Sarah Millican coaching me. After that, I started running 5k, without any coaching. And that's where it went wrong.

I would do the 5k, yes. But I'd be constantly stopping, and always coming up with excuses why. So when I returned from Australia, after doing slim-to-none exercise, aside from the walking; I wanted to be able to run the entire 5k without stopping. Which is what week 2 was aiming to do. Check it out:

Week Three

These two weeks are just continuing with it, and ensuring that I can actually do it. I'm waking up at 5:30am, just to get the run done before working from home.

I'm actually really enjoying the running at the moment, that my Instagram is actually turning into a "runner instagram." However, upset that this week I wasn't able to do any runs, because I woke up Monday morning with my shin hurting. However, after finally accepting it, I'm taking a week off, and back to it Monday morning!

I'll be back Sunday with all the vlogs I've uploaded (lol), and then there'll be a new blog post on Monday. If you read the entire blog post, comment below, "Accio comment." Bye! :)
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