Friday 31 July 2020

Hello everyone! I'm back and raring to go with my blog posts and updating this more frequently! I've got a ton of ideas, thanks to becc4, so I'm here for the next several weeks. 

This week it's all about my fave thing: MUSIC. Whilst working from home, I find I need a distraction, whilst working at my desk. Apart from lately, I've relied on my Alexa to play my Spotify playlists. I've been also watching good old Netflix shows, for example Friends. Absolutely OBSESSED with that show!! However, music is my second true love (the first obviously being books), so here are a few playlists I've been loving!

1. Summer 2020

This was a playlist that I took inspiration from another pre-made Spotify playlist. The ones that change practically every week. I really enjoyed the music from this particular shuffle of songs put together, that I decided to create this Summer playlist. It has a mixture of my faves; i.e. Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Jonas Brothers, etc. And as well, it has a few artists I haven't heard of, but enjoy the song nonetheless. So feel free to give it a gander, and lemme know what you think! 😄

2. I Love You's Radio

This started from the Hailee Steinfield song: I Love You (surprise, surprise), and I wanted to hear similar songs that would be put together in a playlist. This radio pretty much changes every time you listen to it - and as you can see on this one, it doesn't even start with Hailee's, which is a bit awks. (It does on Spotify, so no idea what this playlist is doing like!) And I'm aware with my love of One Direction and a certain blonde-that's-now-turned-back-to-his-natural-brunette-hair-colour, is her ex-boyfriend, but it's the only exemption to the rule! I love this song, and I honestly think it's the only one of her songs I like, but yeah. I enjoy the changes to the Radio songs every time I listen to it! 🤗

3. One Direction - Official Playlist

Thanks to the 10 year anniversary on July 23rd, ya looking at a girl who happily dived back into the fandom! Were we clowned? Yes. Am I surprised? No.  (I'm going to do a post uploading on Sunday of my recent vlogs, as yes - I also vlogged it too!!!) I wasn't aware there was this playlist, because I always listen to This is One Direction. So can confirm, I prefer this one to the one Spotify created. No shade. Just honesty here. This playlist really brought me back to my fangirl days and yes, I've officially been roped back in. #NoRegrets! 🥰

*    *    *    *    *

I was going to write more, but after looking through my most recent playlists, these three are the ones on heavy rotation! The other stuff I listen to whilst working from home, are just albums in general; (and yes, they all involve members of One Direction!)

Let me know in the comments what music you've been listening to, whilst working from home. And if you made it this far, comment below, "accio comment." Bye! 💕

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