Friday 16 February 2018

Hey dolls! Hope you're all doing well, and I hope your day's been good! Today's post was originally going to be a main channel video, and then I got ideas on how to show the nudes in a blog post, and changed my mind.

So my fave nude lipsticks/glosses are:

And now let's talk about them individually, and I'll tell you why these are my fave...

Me Now Nude

 Okay so I believe this is called Me Now, but basically it was the in-thing of 2016. Buying this specific matte liquid lipstick from eBay and everyone seemed to be wearing it! I rediscovered this beauty last week in my makeup bag, and oh my god I love it! So lightweight and doesn't even feel that matte! I feel like this good be a big contender for my 2018 lip...

Velvet Teddy

 Okay, okay! This is my PERFECT NUDE! I absolutely LAAAAHV IT! I bought this at London Heathrow's Duty Free. As soon as I saw it, I instantly bought it. It's a hard one to get, so I wasn't missing the opportunity! And I absolutely LOVE IT! I find wearing lipsticks sometimes effort. (Yes I'm lazy!) But going to work at 5AM, my main priority isn't putting on a lipstick, however I'm trying to change that...

Makeup Revolution's Intense Lipgloss

This lipgloss is pretty much clear. Mine probably doesn't look it, because I put it on top of another one (will explain later), so mine has a pinky tone. As the name says, it's quite an intense gloss, and one application of this is honestly enough. Now I'm not the biggest lipgloss fan, because I find them too sticky. However this is the only one that I can handle. After blotting my lips, I find this lipgloss easy to handle - except when it's windy...

Lottie Tomlinson's Babes

I uploaded a review on my channel about this on 12th November 2016, and it got a ton of views! My most viewed video actually! And my opinion on this lip still stands: I LOVE IT. If you're into more pink-toned nudes, then this is the one for you. It's quite hard to get hold of this now, however I've found a website that still stocks it (thank the lord because I've nearly ran out!) However because it's quite a drying matte, I've found that applying the Intense Lipgloss over it, makes it so much better!!!

Intense Lipgloss x Babes

Please ignore the really bad application of my lips. 🙄 A N Y W A Y... I love this combination together and have actually been wearing this quite a lot lately.


So this soft matte lip cream is allegedly a dupe for Kylie Jenner's Dolce K. It's such a good nude and it's so easy to work with; i.e. applying and wiping away any mistakes made. I wore this quite a lot last year when I first purchased it. And again, it's one that's been forgotten about - unfortunately - due to having SO MANY! So this year, I need to start using this one again.

And those are my top 5 fave nude lipsticks/glosses of all time! Let me know which ones you've been loving, or if you've used any of the ones I've mentioned.

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