Birthday weekend in Leceister!

Friday 8 March 2019

Hola! Hope you’re all well! It feels so good to be back blogging!!! I hope my first post wasn’t too boring, but I wanted to do a quick catchup, before I get back into different posts.

So as I slightly mentioned in my previous post, I travelled down to Leicester on 22nd February, to celebrate our birthday weekend with my twin/best friend Phoebe. (Just for the record, we’re not actually twins. Just have the same birthday. We’re a year apart!) And the reason why we chose Leicester, is because it was the halfway point for us both, which made the trip for us fair.
Phoebe and I decided we didn’t want to stay in just a regular old hotel room, with just a bed and bathroom. We wanted a little place for us to be able to chill out and watch tv, etc. So we decided to take a look on air bnb. I’d never actually used it before, but I always loved the concept. (This is obviously not a spon, but yeah) We finally found a really nice one; it fit both of our personalities and aesthetics in one apartment and it was perfect. So we booked it and hey ho! The trip was happening! [if you want to see the apartment we stayed in, click here].
It took me just under 2 hours to get there. I soon realised, after parking up - horrendously - that it was a student area. This most definitely wasn’t a problem at all; but it was something I noticed. Phoebe still had around a 20 minute drive, and then after a quick phone call, realised it would probably be best to meet somewhere to do some shopping. So we met in a shopping centre, had food, did some shopping; and then met one of the co-owners at the apartment. We. Were. In. Love. It was so much better than the pictures, and we couldn’t believe our luck for the price! 

Whilst we were there we went to see Leicester Abbey, we went for a lovely meal at Prezzo for a birthday meal, and then spent Sunday hungover (just me), due to Phoebe hating prosseco and us having 2 bottles of it. We watched A LOT of Gilmore Girls, and I am officially obsessed with it!
Didn't want to babble on for too long, however it was the perfect weekend, and I really enjoyed it. A weekend of reconnecting and catching up! 

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