Oh, hi 2019! How are ya?!

Monday 4 March 2019

Well… hi there! It’s 2019 and I’m finally blogging on here! I’ve missed this little space of mine! I wanted to do a little catchup post, letting you know what you’ve missed, and then I’m going to try and post regularly.

So here's what you've missed...

I went to Northern Ireland to visit the famalam in November, and to celebrate my nephew's 2nd birthday. (He hasn't grown to love taking pictures with me, like this one has). It was so much fun, and he can even say my name. So this makes me very happy! 

Family time for me is everything. I'm such a family-orientated person, and whenever I'm surrounded the Irish lot, everything feels whole. I also love how chill it is when we go over. As you can see, we did go out as well and it was delish!

Celebrated Christmas and the New Year. I felt very Christmassy once all my shopping was done. Before then - not so much. Christmas has been bittersweet for me, since I was 15 years old. Just because I spend time separately with both parents, and sometimes it gets a little tough. However, every year as a tradition, my dad and I will go visit my nana ans grandad. We say hello for an hour or so, and then all the men go with my grandad to his club and have a few. 

For the past two years, I go from my nana's and go to my mum's local pub. We have a bottle of prosecco and cheers to Christmas. A nice, new tradition, now that I'm an adult.

The New Year was standard. I didn't actually stay awake for the countdown, and my first memory of 2019 was my dad shouting me awake. I said, "what?", saw the fireworks, said "happy new year" and then went to bed. Classic.

Another thing that's happened is... I finished my book. It was emotional for me, and it still feels weird knowing there's nothing else to write. My little world I've created in words, is now complete. Nothing left to add. Now it's time to try my hardest to get it out there. Fingers crossed.

On the last weekend of February, I travelled all the way down to Leicester, to see Phoebe and to also celebrate our birthday together. Some of you may or may not know, but Phoebe and I share the same birthday. Yep. Best friends and twins. (Not literally lolz) And it was so lovely to spend the morning together for the first time in the (nearly) six years we've been friends! 

Not going to say too much on this one, as I have a full blog post planned.

And finally... I turned 24. Probs guessed that from the Leicester section. Yep. I'm 24 now and life is good again. I have a thing about even numbers, so it makes me happy knowing I'm finally an even number and not an odd. Weirdo, I know.

Aaaaaaand that's all folks! I'll be back on Friday with a post all about Leicester!

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