Wednesday 10 January 2018


Hello Humans how are we all today?! I wanted to start doing recipe posts on my blog to give anyone some inspiration that needs some ideas on eating healthy. I love healthy eating - in fact I feel ten times better if I've eaten well rather than eating junk food. So this is my mum's famous stir fry. And here's everything you need.

  • Mixed pepper stir fry
  • Chicken (you can use any type of chicken. I used Birdseye chargrilled chicken this time)
  • Soy sauce


  1. Follow the instructions on the packaging for the chicken, and put in the oven for the amount of time advised.
  2. When nearly cooked, pour the mixed pepper stir fry into a hot pan.
  3. After a minute and a half, pour in the soy sauce - as much as you prefer.
  4. When the chicken has been cooked, cut up into small pieces and add to the mixed pepper.
  5. Stir in together the mixed pepper stir fry and chicken pieces so both are covered in the soy sauce
  6. Turn off the hob and serve

It's a really simple recipe and my mum cannot get over how OBSESSED I am with it! I love it so much! When you're finished, it'll look like this:

(Because of the steam, it was REALLY difficult to get a decent picture, and there was no change in HELL I was waiting for it to cool down!!)

If you try this recipe, please be sure to either leave a picture in the comments, or send me a message on Instagram showing me how yours looks!

If you like these recipe posts, please be sure to let me know in the comments and I'll make more! 

See ya next time!

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