Monday 8 January 2018

Hello Humans! Hope you are all well!

I thought I'd do a rundown of my 5 favourite female artists of 2017! Let me know what you think of these artists below in the comments, and maybe also add which Female Artists you were loving in 2017.

1. Demi Lovato

 I have been LOVING Demi in 2017! Her album was UH-MAY-ZING! And I couldn't STOP listening to it! As mentioned in the pictures, my favourite pictures, my favourite songs from Demi in 2017 were:

  • No promises
  • Sorry not sorry
  • Daddy issues
There are plenty more I love from her album, but those are the three I put in my playlist. Her new music is definitely more my street. I stopped listening to her for a while; the album after coming out of rehab didn't interest me much. But then BAM! She came back with collabs and Tell Me You Love Me album and I was ADDICTED!!! Click here to listen to Demi on Spotify.

2. Rita Ora

If you didn't know already (LOL where have you been?!), I EFFIN' LOVE RITA ORA! Everyone says Beyonce is their queen, but Rita is mine! I love her music. Loved her from her first album, and now she's back making music again and I am LIVING!!! I'm going to her concert in May and I'm SO EXCITED!! My favourite songs from 2017 were:
  • Your song
  • Lonely together
  • Anywhere
I cannot wait to hear her full album and I want it NOW!!!! Click here to listen to Rita on Spotify.

3. Bebe Rexha

I mean... Isn't she effin' amazing?! I first discovered Bebe when she collabed with Martin Garrix for "In The Name Of Love". I think her voice is unique and her personality is just refreshing. She's very honest and I love watching her on Social Media. Then she did a collab with Louis Tomlinson and I fell in love with her again. My favourite songs of Bebe's were:
  • Back to you
  • The way I are (dance with somebody)
  • Meant to be
I think there's a lot more to Bebe to come. She's had two EPs released which I love, and I think she's very quirky and she's amazing! Click here to listen to Bebe on Spotify.

4. P!nk

I mean... who doesn't love P!nk?! I've loved her since her first album came out, and I went to her concert in 2009 and she was PHENOMENAL! So when she made a comeback this year, I was HERE for it!!! The songs I've been loving in 2017 are:

  • Nobody knows
  • What about us
  • Sober
  • Revenge
  • Beautiful trauma
As you can see P!nk was my most added in these females. I feel like anything I say wouldn't give her enough credit. SO - Click here to listen to P!nk on Spotify.

5. Noah Cyrus

 Was anyone else surprised when Noah made her debut?! But she sounds EXACTLY like Miley and it confused me so much! I love her style of music and I'm really looking forward to hearing more. The songs I loved were:

  • Make me (cry)
  • Stay together
I'm really looking forward to listening to more of her songs. Click here to listen to Noah on Spotify.

And those are the Female Artists I've been loving in 2017! Let me know who you've been loving in the comments below!


  1. Ooh, so many great artists - I listen to all of these so often! Love that you've listed some of P!nks older songs as well as they're so so good! x

    Lizzie |

    1. They're amazing artists and I'm glad you also agree! Next Monday is going to be my top 5 male artists! So stay tuned! X


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