Sunday 7 January 2018

Hello Humans! You may or may not know, but I have dyed my hair A LOT recently. And after speaking to Amy, I think there might be a physiological reason why.

Says Vivian Diller, PhD, “I don’t think colouring hair can become an actual addiction unless it occurs with someone who has body dysmorphia, a serious mental illness defined by being unable to stop trying to change a flaw in one’s appearance. But, a constant need to change hair colour can be associated with self-esteem issues. Using hair colour to enhance one’s looks to improve self-esteem may provide temporary satisfaction, but constant use of hair dye for that purpose will likely have the opposite impact. Once the need for physical enhancement overrides the need for physical health, it’s headed toward becoming an addiction.”

And it got me thinking: do I keep changing my hair because I have low self-esteem? And then it hit me. My fitness. Whenever I'm feeling crappy about my lack of motivation, I turn to something else to do. Like dying my hair.

Okay so the one on the left was taken 14th November 2017. The one in the middle was taken 18th November 2017. And the one on the right was taken 19th November 2017. (Please note I had the hair colour from the left for 6 months prior to this).

It's now 7th January 2018 and guess what? I want to change my hair colour. It's really frustrating me now, because I cannot decide what I want to do with it! Do I go natural? Just blonde? What?! I think I'm gonna go for this one:

I understand that this is a mental illness that I have - or a body dysmorphia. And I currently deal with other mental illnesses on a daily basis (I might open up about that one day), but I don't know. Is this a thing? What do you guys think? 

Let me know in the comments if you think this is a mental health issue, or if you think I'm just indecisive.

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