Friday 5 January 2018

Hello Humans! I thought of this idea the other night and got really excited to write this blog post! 2017 has been a year, I think we can all agree. But even though we've had some highs and lows, I wanted to celebrate 2017 by not focusing on the negatives, and instead, focusing on the positives!

So let's do this! Here are my Top 5 Moments of 2017!

1. Becoming a Godparent to Oisin James Nugent.

I know that Oisin is already my nephew, but becoming his Godparent has made me feel even more closer to him. There's something about being chosen to be one of the people your family trusts to look after their child, should anything ever happen to them. It's an honour. And I fell in love with Oisin the second I met him. Albeit, I did also with Mollie, but I wasn't chosen as a Godparent for her. For a long time, I was really upset that I wasn't, but I get it now. Being 21 in January (hadn't turned 22 in 2017 yet), I understood the meaning of being a Godparent more and I feel I appreciated it a little better.

2. Being a Bridesmaid.

In June I got to be part of my really good friend, Deanna's wedding. She asked myself, Chloe and Charlotte (from my old job), to be a bridesmaid; as well as her two best friends. She asked us around 18 months before the wedding, and for some reason, I was shocked. I knew she was getting married of course, but wasn't expecting her to ask me to be a big part in it. It was such a beautiful ceremony. We laughed, cried and danced all day and night long! So if you are reading this Dee, thank you for asking me to be part of your big day. x

3. Doing Another (& Last) Manchester Colour Run.

As you may or may not if you follow my YouTube channel, you'll know that for the past few years, I've taken part in Manchester's Colour Run to raise money for our chosen charity. In 2017, I raised money for The British Heart Foundation. It's a charity that's close to my heart, due to when I was younger I had open heart surgery. And for the previous two years Joanne and I were just getting our bearings, I decided to take it seriously this year and choose a charity that was personal to myself. I also made the decision on the way home, that this would be my last Manchester colour run. The journey is long and it's a trek for either of my parents to travel to watch. So I'm not 100% sure if I'll be doing the Leeds one this year. I think I'm going to skip it this year and focus on my fitness. Maybe next year.

4. Getting a New Job.

I did a YouTube video in regards to this - (hence the YouTube thumbnail LOL), but yes. I got a new job. I wasn't happy in my previous job, but I have no negativity against the company or anything. I just wasn't happy there and it wasn't what I wanted to do. Now I'm in a job that I really enjoy, I get along with everyone, my shifts are great; and for some reason, I feel so much lighter. As soon as I started this job in September, my family had noticed how much happier I seemed in myself and how I was always smiling instead of being down all the time. So if you're down all the time and you're wondering what it is, just ask yourself: am I happy in my job?

5. Being a Maid of Honour.

As you know, in September I was asked by Amy to be her Maid of Honour. I remember when she told me she wanted me to be. I was with our Nana and Grandad, and she made an off-handed comment. I laughed it off, but my Nan took it seriously from the start. I didn't think she was serious, and if she was, I thought she would change her mind closer to the time. Then we went to the cinema with all the girls and then there was a big reveal with our cocktails where she asked us and when she saw my reaction, she replied: "you knew you were gonna be it anyway!" But when I explained how I didn't think she meant it, I think Amy realised how much it meant to me. 

I can say that was honestly my most favourite holiday I've had. The maid of honour speech was nerve-wracking, but I wanted to write something that would mean something to Amy, and Amy alone. (Thankfully the crowd also enjoyed it). But being part of such an amazing wedding, and help plan everything down to the hair accessories that the bridesmaids would be wearing; was a honour - (no pun intended). Whenever Amy needed anything, I'd be there as soon as I could, spending endless days on messenger with her, planning things, making decisions, etc. Honestly, it's my proudest moment of 2017.

And those are my Top 5 Moments of 2017! Leave me a comment below about anything I discussed, and also let me know what stood out for you in your 2017!

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