HELLO 2018!

Monday 1 January 2018

Hello Humans! Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all had a responsible evening bringing in the New Year (LOL!), and I hope you’re not all too hungover. (I’m writing this and knowing I most probably am). 

However as it’s now 2018 and every year we all make New Years resolutions, I thought I would share mine with you! And if you wish, please also leave a comment with YOUR New Year’s resolutions; and we’ll achieve them together!!

This year’s resolution is only one. And it’s quite simple: get that body. Basically I really want to focus my Year, working hard on my figure and getting to the weight that I want to be. And I’ll be sure to share my journey with you. So I will be taking a BEFORE picture today, and on 31st December 2018, I’ll also be taking an AFTER and writing a post all about my progress and how I achieved it. 

Last year I did really well. I was really into it, and then from September till now, I kind of lost motivation. And I’ve finally realised why it was: Because I was finally happy again. Before, I was in a job I didn’t like, which made me feel down all the time. I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere, and going to the gym was a coping mechanism to kind of forget for a while. Now I’m happy in my job, and my brain feels like I no longer need this to be happy. But it’s wrong. Because I feel worse physically for not constantly going. So this is why I’ve made this my only New Year’s resolution. Because I want this to be my soul focus. 

I'm so excited to get started this year with my fitness! If you're interested to see how I'm doing, check out my Instagram where I'll be posting Insta stories probably every day!

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