Saturday 13 January 2018

Hello Humans! I got this UH-MAY-ZING invention for Christmas thanks to my mum. And Phoebe has insisted I review this so she knows if it's any good.

So this is the Style Pro makeup brush cleaner and this has been invested by Lord Sugar (don't know who he is? He's a businessman - The Apprentice!!!!) And it's just amazing. I can't write it in words! Let the pictures show you!

(Thanks mum for taking the pictures xoxo)

  1. Add a cap full of the Makeup Brush Cleanser into the bowl type thingy (LOL!)
  2. Attach the correct rubber brush holder to the electric spinner (literally making these names up as I go along - as you can probs tell)
  3. Spin the brush into the cleanser for 20 seconds (LITERALLY 20 SECONDS!)
  4. And then lift from the cleanser and then spin in the space of the bowl for another 20 seconds.
  5. Take it out and TRUST ME! It's dry!

In my honest opinion I would HIGHLY recommend buying this! It's a quick way of having clean brushes and it's just AMAZING!!!

You can buy it here.

This is the worst review I've done 😂, but how do you literally explain this?!

See ya Monday!

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