Pride and Prejudice Book Review

Tuesday 19 January 2021

This book is the perfect example and mix of enemies to lovers. One could only wish to write something as perfect as the two main characters that is of course, Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy. I will admit, when I first started this book, during Volume One, I found it incredibly hard to get into the process of reading the book. The tone of how it was written and how they spoke in these times, was all new to me. However, I will thank the Netflix series, Bridgerton, as after watching the entire series in under a full day; I was able to understand the language more clearly.
Once I got myself into a routine of how the story was going and understanding the tone of the book, I found myself very addicted to the storyline, to see how it would end. The change of character that is Mr Darcy, as something I really enjoyed and was actually surprised when - spoiler alert - he asked Elizabeth to marry him. (I feel like I'm writing in the tone of the book. However, I've just finished it and wanted to write my review at once).
If it wasn't for watching Bridgerton, I do believe I would've given the book 3 or 4 out of 5 stars. Nonetheless, I really concentrated on the tone of voice and got my head into the correct year that it was set in. As soon as I got to Volume Two, the desire to finish it had begun. It took me longer than I wished it had, but now I'm excited to finally watch the film. Through an Instagram poll, I've decided to watch the 2005 version.
Do let me know your thoughts on this book. If you're considering it, I will warn you that you really need to be in the mindset of understanding an old way of writing. However, it's amazing, so make sure you persevere. 

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