Do Not Disturb: I'm Writing A Book! || 03

Friday 15 January 2021

Hello everyone and welcome back! It's January and I'm feeling super motivated! I'm onto Chapter 6 of my book and it's scary how quick it's being written! I have a notebook, where each chapter has a small briefing, of what each chapter should include.Something else I've done, is put together mood boards for my main characters. If anyone is interested, I made them on Canva. These won't give much away, so enjoy the mood boards!Once I get to Chapter 10, I might give you guys a synopsis on the book, and do a brief overview of the characters. If you're interested, let me know in the comments.

There's just something about this story, that's really excited me. I've also created a writing plan and have been trying to keep up to the plan. I wrote 2 chapters in a week, which I'm shocked about. I'm excited to write constantly.If you're writing a book, please let me know how you structure it, etc. I'm tempted to upload TikToks every once in a while, to update my progress too. 

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