Taking A New Step

Monday 1 June 2020

So for a while, I've been trying to find my place in the whole "online world", and wondering what I can contribute to it. I've changed up my blog and YouTube channel several times, and I still feel like I don't know what my "place" is yet.

However, something I've always enjoyed on my YouTube channel, is daily vlogging. So I'm going to start doing that, and every week, I'll do a post on here with uploads for you to check out! Will probably upload them here via blog posts on Sundays. As well as this, I want to get back into writing, as I love it so much. So I'm attempting to upload twice a week: Monday/Wednesday and Friday. I'll be doing a bit of fitness, cooking and other stuff too.

So on the process of:

Taking A New Step

I've taken up running. as my main form of exercise. If you check out my Instagram page, you'll be able to see my stats. I started off with doing a 3k run, and added an additional 0.5k each time. I've now made it to 5k, and I'm continuing for a further 2 weeks. The reason for that, is because it's the only thing I wanted to achieve: Run the whole target without stopping. And after doing the Couch to 5k app, I got really lazy, and would make up excuses to stop on the run. So I'm definitely happy that I'm achieving. 

The other thing I'm taking a new step, is with my YouTube, and the content I'm putting online. One of my favourite things to watch, other than Sims videos, are vlogs. My favourite videos on my own channel, are the vlogs. Because they're not staged or planned.

I've recorded a couple of vlogs, and they'll be live this week. Then I might do weekly vlogs, during lockdown, as the days are quite repetitive with the whole working from home. Please feel free to check out my YouTube Channel, however, my first vlog is below.

Thanks guys for reading. If you made it to the end, comment below saying, "Accio comment." 😄

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