Monday 16 April 2018

Hello Humans! Hope you're all well! I'm currently counting down the days until the weekend (which means it'll probs go slow ๐Ÿ™„). A N Y W A Y, you'll see the full vlog and a music-style video next Monday and Tuesday!

SO THIS BLOG POST! I've decided to throw it back to my childhood and share with you some of the songs/artists that I love/d!

Westlife - Uptown Girl

OH EM GEE! I absolutely LOVE Westlife. Always have - always will! But this song!!!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ The video, the song, the freaking vibe! Everything about this song is just amazing! It was for red nose day and all money went to charity. I dunno, I miss these boys. And I'm sad that they broke up.

Girls Aloud - Jump

Okay I only chose this one because I wanted to use this gif. I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't the biggest fan of Girls Aloud, but I do love this song. And I love Hugh Grant in this scene. Girls Aloud was so popular in the 2000s.

S Club 7 - Reach

Oh my god okay. So I used to LOVE S Club 7 back in the day! I used to have the magazines, this box thing to put them in. I was a MASSIVE fan of S Club 7! I feel like you were a fan of Steps or S Club 7, and I dunno. Steps never really interested me that much, however I did like some of their songs.

Sugababes - Round Round

God I love a little bit of Sugababes. I know they changed members constantly, but this era was MY ERA! And I fricking loved it!! This album was perf, and I love so many of their songs, and whenever I hear their songs, I get so excited.

Robbie Williams - Rock DJ

My love for Robbie Williams is all thanks to my brother. He was, and still is, obsessed with him. This music video is so weird, but that's how he is and how he loves to be. But this is deffo the song I first heard from him, that I loved! But yeah, be prepared if you watch the video. Just, be prepared.

And those are the songs/artists I used to love in the 2000's/noughties! Let me know in the comments which songs you used to love, and if you've only just discovered some of these artists now, you are welcome!

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