Friday 13 April 2018

ELLO LOVES! It’s Friday! Have ya got that Friday Feeling?! Anyone working tomorrow? Yep, me too. Oh wellllllll.

So thanks to Zoë/Zoella I now have a HUGE hole in my heart, because I MISS NEW YORK CITY! So I thought I'd do a quick Flashback Friday on here and relive some of the mems.

 Look at my genuine happiness! This is when we were in the Observatory, and I genuinely could not believe how HUGE New York was as a whole. We had fancy iPads (as you can see here in the pic), and certain buildings came up with a video filled with facts. It was really interesting!
And that is only PART of it! 

So Feebs came up with this idea of us getting a picture pretending to move the rock. Getting up there was the most difficult part and I was so petrified.

 Also enjoy a few vlogs I put together from my trip;

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