Tuesday 10 October 2017

Can I please steal some of the cologne you wear?
Just a half-bottled, or an almost empty one.
I don’t need a full one.
Just enough to breathe it in, whenever I’m missing you.

Can you give me one of your t-shirts that you don’t wear anymore?
I want to wear it for bed,
And spray cologne over it;
So I can fall asleep, with you right beside me.

Can you tell me what your favourite song is?
Because I want to play it every single time that you get in the car,
Just for you to sing along, like you do,
And I can smile like an idiot,
And just listen to you.
And when you’re not there,
And I know we won’t be seeing each other for a while,
I can play it out loud,
And imagine your voice singing it out.
But most importantly,
Whenever I smell your cologne;
My heart races, and my senses are so much stronger.
You have such an effect on me.
So much more deeper than anyone else ever has.

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