Returning from Australia & now self isolating.

Monday 30 March 2020

Well it's been a while since I uploaded onto here. Which I do apologise for. However, I'm back from Australia and getting back into routine. Also the timezone. But I'm back with a new love of my personal blog, and I'm ready to post more often on here. As we're all currently self-isolating, I decided to do some research on my blog, to see what you guys are interested in. 😄

So on a relatable topic - self isolation. How's it going? I'm currently working from home and I think I'm going slightly mad. I hate looking at my laptop now I'm using it for work, which is a shame; because it's a brand new bloody laptop!! But I still have my old laptop for Sims purposes. It's been recently said on the news in the UK, that the isolation could last until June. I think I might go fucking mad.

Australia. I'm currently working on the vlog, so expect that in the (hopefully) near future. What. An. Experience. I feel homesick from no longer being there. I miss my family that are there, as well as the routine. I won't do a full post covered in pictures, however I will do a link here to my Instagram posts. There's a highlight on there too, and I'll be doing other posts eventually.

I'm going to leave it here now, because my next posts is going to be all about fitness. It's 2020 and I'm fucking ready to get my goal!

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