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Tuesday 29 May 2018

I always find that working at a desk, with my notebooks beside me and earphones is where I'm the most motivated. Before I put together a "work space", I would either sit on my bed or sit in the living room working on either a video, writing my book or blog post. And I found they were both places where I would become easily distracted. I found that my work flow just lost its momentum in less that 30 minutes of starting, which then created a backlog of things I wanted to be done, but were extremely delayed.

So after a few months of begging and planning in my head, I decided to bring over the small desk I bought for my mum's that never got used there, and create a small working environment for myself to remained focus. I chose my old bedroom for two reasons. 1: the room is only used when my brother visits with the rest of the family and 2: the internet is poor. Which might make you wonder how that's a good thing. One of my many distractions is my phone, like the rest of my generation. So the further in my room I am, the worse the internet connection is. So it's a win-win. 

So my office essentials are:

  • Laptop
  • Earphones
  • Book/Magazine holder (holding all my notepads that are essential)
  • Storage boxes (holding my organiser and smaller notepads - the smaller one is to hide the phone LOL & glue and tippex)
  • Storage bin (other small stationery stuff)
  • Pen pot
  • Stationery equipment (paperclips, pins, etc)
  • Memo pad
  • Hardrive
If you don't know this by now (seriously how could you not?!), I'm currently writing a book. So S P O I L E R  A L E R T name of the book has been revealed LOLS! But anyway, I sometimes find myself stuck a little and need a little bit of inspiration. So above my desk, I have a vision board of the book, with little edits I've put together and outfit inspirations. When I'm about to give up for the night, I find myself looking up at the board and hoping for inspiration. I also have fairylights around it so I can turn them on and off, as if I'm "on and off the clock". When the lights are off, I'm done. If they're on, I'm working and I'm not available.

The "peace, love & vodka" is a card I saw in Paperchase in the Sale section and I just instantly fell in love with it. I decided it would be a nice addition to my office space.

These books are basically my saving grace! I wanted to do a little section on  these, as I wouldn't be able to function without them!!! So let's talk about them from top to bottom!

  1. My organiser; aka the one thing that keeps me on top. This little diary was bought for Christmas by my mum and I LOVE IT! I'm not gonna lie, I'm getting worse as the months go on to keep on track, but I AM TRYING!!!! I just need to learn to stick to it! This little book has every appointment in it, everything I need to do to get shit done on time (lol this post is 3 days late. Blame Bank Holiday!) I know what needs done and I get to check them off when I'm done. Which, lamely, I really love doing.
  2. My "GIRL BOSS" notebook. In this I basically write down all my blog posts idea and put down all the things I want to write on the post and the idea around it, etc. Joanne bought me this for my birthday, and I'm not gonna lie, I love it for the whole Girl Boss title. Because this is my little "empire" I'm attempting to create. When I've written in my organiser that I'm posting a certain post a few weeks ahead before, going to this notebook helps me remind me the details I wanted to write.
  3. My blog scheduler - not even kidding! So Anna Saconne-Joly mentioned on her Instagram story a method that really helps her keep on track with her videos and blog posts. Basically it's a lot of checking off and obvs it's something I love. I might do another post about it, so if you want that, let me know! This is technically an extra step that isn't actually needed, but I've found it SO HELPFUL! So, thanks Anna!
  4. My "Book Ideas" notebook: My holy grail, my love of my life; my sanity. All my ideas for the book I'm writing goes into here. Anything I want to plan to write in future chapters, description of characters, mood boards. Everything goes in here. And it will continue on with any other book I write afterwards (lol I love this book too much and the thought of writing another story makes me emosh!) This is constantly open when I'm writing, checking over details and making sure everything matches.

And last but not least: candles. A not-so-necessary-but-appreciated addition to my office space. I love a cosy atmosphere when I'm working on something quite late. Late as in, it's getting dark and I'm not working the next day. These three were given to me by Phoebe and I thought they were cute. They say: Relax, Breathe, #LetGo. I thought they were appropriate in an office environment. They also have a generic vanilla smell as well, which I always find relaxing.

And that's my lil work space. Trying to get back on top of things at the moment. With writing a book and wanting to upload at least two decent quality blog posts a week, it's getting hard. See ya soon, folks!

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