Travelling Planning.

Friday 20 April 2018

Hello Humans! Hope your week has been good! As you read this, I'm currently in Ireland, having the most amazing time with family. (Already sad to go home and I've just got here!)

In today's post, I'm going to talk about how I plan for travelling to Ireland. It's just a weekend trip, I'm only going to Ireland on a plane for less than an hour, but I STILL need to plan!!

Make a list!

I find making lists of everything I want to take so useful. It doesn't help that I'm overly organised, and lists excites me. (Yes, I am a nerd.) I find this useful, so then if I have anything else that I want to add to the list, I can during the week.

Keep it light.

Remember that yes, you're technically going on a small vacation, you're still only travelling a domestic flight. Which means a; you can only have 10kg of luggage, including a handbag, and b; you actually have to keep the luggage with you.

I use a small hand luggage every time I go (as you can see, lol), and this one is actually my mum's, because mine ripped inside - sad times. I like this one however, as it's a good size and a lightweight suitcase. And because I'm short af, I need a suitcase that I can have under the seat in front of me, because I can't reach the overhead locker thingy.

Check the weather.

I mean, no offence to Ireland, but it has the most shitty weather ever! It always rains and when it's sunny, you can guarantee it's the last day of the trip and you're only there for the morning and then you're back to England. BUT there's a possibility that we're having a bbq this weekend, so you know I'm excited for that!!!!

H A V E  F U N !

As cheesy as it sounds, just enjoy it. Don't stress, argue, etc. Make memories, capture the moments and keep them forever. 

And those are my few tips and tricks. Most of my travelling consists on me stressing over my dad being too laid back and then running through the airport to get the flight... 🙄 This is my first EVER time flying by myself. Not with a parent, not with Phoebe. LITERALLY by myself! If you want to see how I get along, look out for my Ireland post on Monday. (A big-ass vlog is going up Monday and a music-style video is going up on Tuesday!)

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