Tuesday 26 December 2017

HELLO HUMANS! I was going to vlog bits of my Christmas Day, but decided against it, so here are a few parts of my day in snaps. :)

So this was my dad's set-up for Christmas. Pretty standard, doesn't really change. However it was great! Although the food took FOREVER and I was just demanding that we just eat. The food was DELISH! However because we waited so long, we barely ate anything. 😫 But that turkey and that gravy... 😍


My dad got this Prosecco diamond thingy for our Christmas meal and honestly? It took me the whole day to actually finish it! We had one big glass each and yeah. It took me forever.

I had a wonderful day. I woke up at my Mum's (early af, because I'm secretly still a child!) And then after opening presents, we had breakfast and then I got ready and went to my Dad's. I opened my presents from my dad, FaceTimed Phoebe and we opened our presents together (a cute tradition we've done for 4 years now). Then my mum picked me up and we went for some Christmas drinks at our local pub. I then got a taxi to my Nana's and spent some quality time with her, my auntie and my two younger cousins. I then got a taxi, picked my dad up from the club, went home and had food.

It was a perfect day and I loved every second of it. Here's some pictures from the day...

Aaaaand that's my Festive Post! I'll be back next week with more content! The beginning of my 2018 Healthy Lifestyle and Fitness posts will also begin soon!

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