Pondering Over The Memory Of You.

Friday 13 October 2017

You’re slipping into my subconscious again. And everything felt like it did before: with the way I woke up and longed for it to be real, but then realisation washed over me. I no longer care about your approval, so why are you back again in my dreams?

I’ve found that today whenever I’ve been busy or not, it’s all I’ve thought about. And I remember every detail so vividly, it’s like I’ve just woken up time and time again. I remember when I used to wish what you were doing every single day and hoping that you’d reply to my messages. But now I’m older and I’m wiser, and I understand that this was a one-sided thing. You didn’t feel the same way.

Thank you for slipping into my dream last night. It was nice to see you – to dream you, but now; I must say goodbye.

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