365 Days

Tuesday 10 October 2017

365 days. And in those 365 days, I’ve watched the way you work a room. The way your lips tremble, and the way your whole face brightens up when you’re smiling.

I’ve noticed your talent shine through every time I see you. I’ve noticed the way my heart races whenever we’re in the same room. I’ve noticed so much, in even more than 365 days.

Ever since our first encounter, I’ve been enchanted to meet you again. I’ve been so desperate and so eager, that I would do anything to have the same moment over and over again. The desire is so strong; it’s almost like a drug.

I don’t think you quite realise just how infatuated I am with you. How much that even a simple reply can send me into a smiley daze.

You are the most wonderful person, dear. And in these 365 days, I’ve enjoyed every minute. What a year it’s been.

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