Tuesday 10 July 2018

It's the way my heart skips a beat when I first see him that day.
It's the picture of his smile that sticks in my head.
And it's the way our eyes meet from across the room.

It's these little things, that reels me back to him. And I find myself being enchanted by him. There's something about my eyes, that seem to draw back to him, whenever he's nearby.

He's almost like an addiction that I've kept to myself for so many months. Unable to speak out loud about it still, even though the drug is well aware of its own existence. I'm too scared to even do anything when he's around; worried that a simple step towards him, will cause myself to break down.

I wish I had the confidence to move this thing forward. To chance the thoughts inside my head, rather than them keeping me awake. But unfortunately the fear kicks in, and it's just the smile and a "hello" that I'll have to deal with. Until then, he's still an addiction. 

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