Sunday 18 March 2018

HELLO HUMANS! This is my favourite post by far at the moment! On Thursday 15th March, myself and Abiee went to see Niall Horan at the Manchester O2 Arena. And it was EPIC!

We first spent the day mooching around and also had a cocktail at Gino D'Acampo's Pizza & Prosecco Bar, which was GORGE!

And then we decided to go to the venue around half 5/6ish. It was already PACKED! The line was sooooo long and then eventually, after queuing in the freezing cold, we were inside! I spent £65 on merch...

I literally have no regrets about that. But what I DO regret, is leaving my effing Tour Book on the bathroom sink FIVE MINUTES AFTER PAYING 15 QUID FOR IT! LIVID! A N Y W A Y...

ISN'T IT GORGEOUS?! Look familiar...?

Yes, I now match with bae. (Did I really call him that? Yes, yes I did). 


Julia Michaels was the opening act and I forgot how much I LOVE her! She was incredible! And then this man FINALLY came on...
Oh em gee! He was FUCKING AMAZING! I was literally blown away!! I got lost in his performance so many times, that poor Abiee had to keep snapping me back to reality!!

 That boy certainly knows how to put on a performance. I can - hands down - say that this was the BEST CONCERT I have ever been to! It was honestly so amazing. He made us laughed, made me want to cry, and made me fall in love with him all over again.

I wish I could go again and watch him. It was honestly such an incredible concert, and if you're going to see him soon, you're in for a real treat. PS. Pls can we talk about HIS OUTFIT. He looked FAF!

When the concert was over, Abiee took the train home, and I decided to stay over in a hotel near the train station. The room was so nice! But because I find it difficult sleeping in hotel rooms alone, it took me so goddamn long to get to sleep. But once I did, I was gone for the night! Then I got drenched walking from the train station, to my mum's house. NOT FUN!

Okay so that's my little post about my Niall Horan experience. Let me know if you've seen him yet and what you thought!!

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