Monday 12 March 2018

Hello Humans! I'm finally back with a brand new Music Monday! This one is different because this isn't my 2018 Playlist, it's from my Untitled Playlist. So here are the songs I've been loving...

1. ...Ready For It? - Taylor Swift

Okay so a few years ago my love for Taylor Swift died and then recently, my love has slowly started again. Gorgeous was the first one I became obsessed with and then ...Ready for it came around. I think I've finally started loving her again and I really need to sit down and properly listen to her album. Click here to listen to ...Ready For It on Spotify.

2. Still Falling For You - Bridget Jones's Baby

This is an old favourite that I was so happy I could add to my new playlist and fall in love with again. Bridget Jones is my FAVOURITE trilogy and this song just pretty much sums up my favourite couple: Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy. AND I love Ellie Goulding also, so the fact that she was the main singer from the film is everything. Click here to listen to Still Falling For You on Spotify.

3. 18 - One Direction

I mean... Do I really need to justify this?! 18 and Fools Gold are my two favourite songs from the album Four. This song is just such a perfect love song, and I feel like if the lyrics were more relatable, I'd have it as my first dance. Honestly. Click here to listen to 18 on Spotify.

4. Wild Love - James Bay

JAMES BAY IS FREAKING BACK!! I LOVED THE CALM AND THE CHAOS! And now that he's back, I am so, SO happy! Wild Love has such a different tone and he's got a whole new sound and I am LOVING IT! I cannot wait to hear the rest of the album and see the journey he's been through since the last album. Click here to listen to Wild Love on Spotify.

And those are the four songs that I've been loving! I'll be back on Wednesday with a brand new post...

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