Little Women Book Review

Monday 8 February 2021

I’m still in a daydream of Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. And I’m not even sorry about it. I was worried that Little Women would take me ages to get into, like Pride and Prejudice, but thankfully, it didn’t. I fell straight into the characters and the story, and felt all the emotions as I went on. 
It made me wish I had one or more sisters growing up. Instead, I had an older brother, who eventually gave me a sister by marriage. Even though they had nothing, and would always hope not to be poor and to be able to afford nice things; they also taught me that the best things in life are free. And that you shouldn’t take that, and family, for granted. 
Meg taught me that it’s okay to want the husband, the house and the kids. To want to Belem successful and rich, as well as wishing you could follow your dream. But also accepting that it’s not always possible. 
Jo taught me to write. To just write fit myself and for my family. (Which thankfully I already do). That it’s okay to just want to support your family, and to give everything to it. She also caught me that it’s okay to have the fear of not wanting to get old, and for life to change. But to finally accept it when it means happiness for others.
Beth taught me that the world is cruel to even the ones that are selfless and kind. And that it makes no exception to those who would rather to everything for everyone else, for their own happiness; as that’s what makes them happy in life. She taught me that it’s okay to grow out of your comfort zone, but in your own time as well. 
Amy taught me that it’s okay to be selfish and think about only myself. To want better for myself and to fight for what I want, Amy was so self-assured and always wanted to be old than she is. In a way, ironically, I feel that. She taught me that sometimes being out of the know, is sometimes just to protect me. Rather than to spite me.
I finished the book in just under 2 weeks. It would’ve been quicker, had stuff in my personal life not been so hectic and crazy. And with these kinds of books; - Little Women and Pride and Prejudice - I wanted to read the book and then watch the film. I finished the book Thursday evening and watched the film on Friday evening, and it was perfect and exactly how I envisioned it. I laughed, I cringed and I cried. I fell in love, I fell out of love; and I realised that sometimes you can love someone and think it’s everything. But you love the idea of them and it’s not real. However, you can see someone who you’ve known for years again, and it can feel like the first time. 

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