How I'm getting my shit together!

Wednesday 27 January 2021

Hello everyone and Happy Hump Day! I've been feeling super motivated recently, thanks to my new routine, and thought it would only be fair, but to pass on my methods! Because some of my friends wonder how the eff I actually do it, and actually motivate myself.

1. Write a to-do list

The first thing you need to know about me, is I love lists. I'm a massive stationery geek, and love a bit of Typo and Paperchase - not a spon, just a big lover of. So for me, I love to buy notebooks and to-do list pads. I've started doing this more often this week, thanks to Carly Rowena's Instagram Post that she posted - I think - Sunday.
However, this one in particular was from a shop in Leicester, when Phoebe and me went there for our birthday weekend. (We have the same birthday, but a year apart #twinning) And weirdly enough, Joanne got me the exact same one when she went on her holiday. 

I really enjoy sitting down the evening before and writing down everything I need/want to achieve the next day. It gives me an insight on how much I want to get done and helps me plan my day better.

2. Wake up early

Now don't kill us, but waking up early is the best way for me to get my shit together. I start working from home at 8am, when on shift. So for me, I set my alarm for 5:30am. It takes me about 30 minutes, to have a quick scan of any news, answer any messages I've missed from going to sleep around 8:30pm; and to also drink my bottle of water. A tip I've learned from TikTok: make sure you have a bottle of water when you wake up. You've been asleep for around 8 hours. Your body is dehydrated.
Once I've drank my water and forced myself out of bed, I then make my bed instantly. Why? Because then you're less inclined to get back into it. Made your bed? Want to make it a second time? Yeah, didn't think so either. I always make my bed straight away, because the bed sometimes feels like it's calling out to me. Once I make it, I ain't touching it till nighttime. 

Once am up, made the bed and then got dressed, I then workout. Crazy, I know. But here me out! I hate working out after I've worked. Because I'm tired, I'm grumpy, and honestly? I cannot be arsed! So waking up early and getting my arsed dressed and downstairs; I do the workout and then it's done for the day. And working out in the morning, gives you the energy you need for the day.

*    *    *    *    *

I actually have more that I could put down, but thought I'd just give you these two first. Thanks to my bestie, who asked me how the fuck I get up so early, that motivated me to write this post in the first place. 

I'm really enjoying posting on my blog, however since we're in lockdown and obviously can't travel anywhere, I'm keeping it to one post per week. But once Boris let's us leave the house again, I'm going to be doing more interesting blog posts. 

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