An Open Letter To My Teenage Self.

Wednesday 18 July 2018

Based on the age of 15/16.

I know right now, you feel nothing but guilt inside, and everything feels dark. And sometimes numb. Unfortunately, I can't promise you that disappears. It's going to stick with you, and it's going to change you as a person. But it's okay, you're going to meet someone that's going to be your rock through all of it. It's not a boy, or a romantic relationship. It's a best friend. And trust me, I know you feel like that girl you're best friends with now is there with you for the long run, but she's going to turn toxic. This best friend won't judge you, or ever make you feel idiotic. 

I know the voices are taking over your thought process right now, and you're feeling a little lost. I know you're being quiet, because you think it's going to help, but unfortunately it's all going to blow up in your face before you know it. Your brother's going to hate you and your dad's going to be disappointed. But eventually, everyone moves on and everyone's happy. I promise you.

You keep feeling like there's something not quite right with you. And every time you try to open up with mum and dad, they brush you off like you're being silly. But stick with it. You're right, and we're trying to work through it even now. Just don't forget to keep being you. Losing yourself isn't worth it. 

Overall, if I were to tell you anything, I'd tell you you're doing fine. Everything gets better than where you are right now. Wait until you meet the two little people that you're going to love forever. 

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