Monday 5 March 2018

Hello Humans! I'm back with another makeup-style post, however this time it's a review! I'm planning on starting new sections on my blog, and reviewing different products is definitely something I'm wanting to do. So let's get started!

My cousin Amy bought me Urban Decay's Troublemaker Mascara and All Nighter Setting Spray for my birthday, with the intention of me reviewing it. I did do a video that I have filmed and edited, however I didn't want to upload it because I felt like it was rushed, and a bit crap really. (I'm not a beauty vlogger and doing those kinds of videos make me nervous!) So I thought I'd just upload my review here, rather than doing both.

Troublemaker Mascara

Amy decided that it'd be best to get me the sample sizes (good choice) so I can test them first and then decide later on if I wish to buy the full product.

This mascara is claiming to make your lashes super fat, super long and sex proof. Obvs I'm not testing the third one 🙄, however I tested the rest of them! The packaging is a holographic effect which I like, and I deffo think that Joanne would approve.

Here are my lashes before applying the mascara:

A lil blurry, but you get the picture! So I applied the first coat on one eye and then compared them.

Okay so I wasn't overly impressed, I'm not going to lie. Yes my bottom lashes do look longer and they're a lot darker (duh Brogan, that's what mascara does 🙄). However, I wouldn't say they were super long and definitely not super fat, like the box claimed.

Okay so because it sounds like I totally hate the mascara, I will say, that I LOVE how my lashes do look! They have definitely lengthened my bottom lashes which I like, however I feel like my top lashes look just as they did before. 

So I then went and did another coat on each eye and this was the end result:

I also want to point out that, as you can see on the last picture, this mascara is quite clumpy. So if you don't like that effect in a mascara, then this isn't the one for you. Overall, like I have said, I do like how my lashes look and I do think it's a good mascara. It doesn't do everything it claims to do on the box, but it is a good mascara!

Click here to shop the Troublemaker Mascara.

All Nighter; Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

Lol at the teddys, vision board and the pile of clothing in the background. This was supposed to be an aesthetic shot of the spray in the shot, but because this is me and my life is a fail, it didn't work. 😩

ANYWAY! The packaging for this setting spray is GORGE!! A simple matte black packaging with lilac writing. LAHV IT! Obviously I didn't take pictures for me testing this, because... how do you show it works????

So this claims to keep your makeup looking flawless all day. I wore it all day yesterday and can confirm that my makeup DID in fact look pretty much the same as when I applied the setting spray. Although - HANDS UP! I will admit, I've never actually used a setting spray before in my LIFE, so wasn't really expecting that much from it, due to having no experience with them. BUT it's a really nice spray that feels dewy when you first apply it, and then it literally soaks into your skin and you don't even notice it's on! I did think my face felt tighter when it completely dried, but I don't know if that's what it's supposed to do or if I imagined it... 👀

Overall, I would definitely recommend the setting spray.

Aaaand that's everything! If you've used any of these products, please be sure to leave a comment on your review of these products! If you have any questions, also leave a comment and let me know what you thought of my review! 

I'll be back in a few days! BYE!! 👋🏻

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