There's A Fire In My Heart.

Wednesday 15 November 2017

I was lying in the bath the other day, when the flicker of the candle caught my eye. And then I started thinking about the candle, as if it was in my heart. How when the fire starts, your heart starts racing with excitement, awaiting its next move. And then the flame spreads, and it becomes a fire. And you can feel the heaviness in your heart, almost like you can't breathe. You're breathless and you feel it in your soul. It's so warm that you can't even scream out for help. And then your heart is burning. You can feel it coming to the end and then all of a sudden; you feel numb. You feel the darkness rushing over you like a blanket, and then it's done. You're done. You're just there, feeling heavy, burned and empty.

And that's how I'd describe depression. In its most simplest form.

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