It's 2021 and I want a tidy life. || Organisation Diaries #1

Tuesday 12 January 2021

 Hello everyone and welcome back. Slowly easing myself back into blogging for 2021, and this was supposed to be live on Thursday (7th), and then yesterday, however stuff happens and I was unable to get it written and published in time. Hey ho! This post was supposed to be live months ago, however I decided to make it a 2021 Blog Series instead. It's a New Year, and I need a cleaner room and a cleaner mind.So this was the original before picture, that was the original mess. Thankfully, it's not as bad as this now, but it's still a mess nonetheless. For some reason, the new thing I get in my room, becomes the dumping ground. Which is something I've noticed recently. For example, it's a toss between my desk and my bookcase, which it gets left on. And to be honest, it's really annoying.

This was the most relieved I ever was. I need this back. And I realise how dramatic I'm sounding, however I'm kinda a clean freak. I'm all for Stacey Solomon's "Tap To Tidy's" on Instagram. And at the minute, it's not organised, but I'm going to sort it again.

I'll be doing an organisation series, with different sections of my room, and potentially house too. I just need to plan and organise the blog posts throughout the year. Lucky you!So on Thursday, one of the reasons I didn't originally post this, is how my bookcase looked. And for me, it's a case of accepting what I need ad what I'm just hoarding. Because I am a massive hoarder, I'll admit. But I get it from my dad. (Later on in the year, when I've tidied my room, you'll soon see why.)How do you guys reorganise? Do you have a system you like to use or is it just a case of aimlessly throwing shite away you know you no longer need? I'd love to hear in the comments below, because I deffo need tips! 

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