Harry Potter Studios Tour: A Celebration Of Slytherin!

Monday 19 October 2020

Hello and welcome back to my blog, with my annual fangirl about the Harry Potter Studios Tour. Especially due to the coronavirus and the entire shitshow that is 2020, it's really cheered me up. My mental health has been so up and down lately - as I think loads of other people’s has been - so having this to look forward to, has been a great distraction for me.

Picture credit: Joanne

So, of course, I went with Joanne again. To be honest, I don’t think anyone else could handle me when I’m lost in Harry Potter. So Joanne, hats off to ya! We travelled down the day before - so I drove to Joanne’s house, left my car there, and Joanne drove us down to Watford. She’s only been passed for just under a year, so understandably, she was feeling a little nervous for the drive. 

I did vlog it, but I decided not to post it. No particular reason, other than I didn’t trunk it was interesting enough! I would’ve had to have edited out a big chunk of it, as Joanne and me then decided we wanted to do a video on a big part of the vlog. (Might get filmed and uploaded at some point in 2021!)

The hotel. Jesus, what to say? To be fair, the staff and actual hotel room were lovely. It was the guests! So for some reason - potentially an internal excitement I wasn’t aware of - I was already having trouble sleeping. We were getting up at 6am, to checkout at 8; and then at 4am, some woman decided go have an argument in the corridor!! All in all, I had around 3 hours sleep. I wish I was joking. 

Picture credit: Joanne

Pretty sure this was my 3rd outfit change, but this one stuck! (Not of the day - just when planning!) Not gonna lie, I was super nervous about this outfit. I’m a pretty self-conscious person, so drawing attention to myself isn’t something I aim to do. But I’m so happy that I listened to Joanne and went out of my comfort zone. 

This bit mesmerises me every time, that I wanted it to have its moment for a sec, because of course it was the

Celebration Of Slytherin. 

Picture credit: Joanne

As a fellow Gryffindor that is currently obsessing over Draco Malfoy on TikTok, I was extremely happy to see that Slytherin were finally getting their moment. And because out of luck, Joanne and I chose the 9am tour slot; IT WAS SO EMPTY! We was the first group and it was amazing! If you’re thinking about going to the tour; try your best to get the 9am slot. You won’t be sorry!!

The first time I went last year, we went at noon; and as you can imagine, it was busy af. So the idea of using all the interactive sections and the “photo ops” bits, was a big no for me. However, this time around - I went for it. I thought, “fuck it! I’m walking around in robes - let your hair down!” And I did. Enjoy the footage/pictures below!

Picture credit: Joanne

If you’ve made it to the end - Gold star for you! For a more in-depth view of the tour, my vlog is below, as well as my haul of what I purchased whilst I was there. 

Robe - Platform 9 3/4 Shop
Mask - Platform 9 3/4 Shop


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