My Unpopular FRIENDS Opinions!

Monday 28 September 2020

Hello everyone, and happy Monday! I was originally going to do this as a video, however I just prefer my YouTube channel to be just vlogs at the minute, as that's what I prefer to watch/edit. So instead, I decided to really sit down and write down my unpopular FRIENDS opinion.

I'm very aware that it's been years since FRIENDS ended, however let's be honest; we all still love it. So I'm going to put together 5 potentially unpopular opinions, and I'd love to see your feedback on it.

1. Rachel and Gavin deserved more of a storyline.

Now this is possibly my most unpopular opinion: I really loved the Rachel x Gavin relationship! However, you can tell that the show's writer's only wanted the Ross x Rachel storyline, because so many people were rooting for it. However, Rachel and Gavin's personalities just seem to mesh so well!!!! There's something about how they engaged that really made me happy. And I loved it so much, that I literally got a story idea over their relationship. 

And what really effed me off, is that there was a relationship that began and then POOF! HE DISAPPEARED!!!!!! They didn't even give him a proper goodbye! I know that Dermot Mulroney is a very popular actor, so he probably had other commitments, however their relationship deserved a finished and an end.

2. Rachel should've gotten on the plane.

Now I know this sounds bad, however this was Rachel's dream job. And she gave it up for a boy?! Is this LC or Rachel?! I get that Ross finally gets his shit together and finally decides that he's ready to full on commit because it's the finale, etc. However, if he really loved her, (yes I fucking said it), then he should've gotten on the goddamn plane and gone with her.

I get that he had Ben that was living with Carol and Susan; and as soon as Emma was born, he was completely forgotten about, however he should've made it work. Why was it always about what Ross wanted rather than Rachel? For example; getting a job thanks to Mark, and having to break up because it was a jealous little bitch every five minutes, because girls and boys can't be just friends.

I do think that because Rachel has been really enjoying her job and really wanted to achieve higher in her career, that she finally got the opportunity, he should've followed her to Paris.

3. As I got older, I never shipped Ross x Rachel.

Is this even controversial anymore? Is this even unpopular anymore? I feel that as a lot of fans have gotten older, they've realised that Ross and Rachel's relationship was quite toxic. They were constantly getting together and breaking up, etc. However, it was always what Ross wanted! He was clearly one of those men that thinks that earning money is the man's job, and the woman's job is being at his beck and call. And because Rachel started the show as a damsel in distress, and Ross clearly loved that about her. 

Then she got herself together and began finding a career that she was really good at, and that she was passionate about. However, because her world didn't revolve around him, he didn't like it. He argued constantly with her and brought her down all the time. He wasn't a great person, and in my opinion, their relationship is toxic.

4. I never shipped Phoebe and Joey.

Is this unpopular? Imagine if Monica and Chandler got together, Ross and Rachel got together; and then the writers went: fuck it! Let's get Phoebe and Joey together. Wouldn't have made any sense! I loved their friendship and loved that they always gravitated together in most situations. And it was a good thing that the show portrayed that girls and boys can be just friends! They both have similar personalities and completely are in-tune with each other, and their friendship just makes sense.

Also, I absolutely love Phoebe and Mike. Maybe it's my love of Paul Rudd, but I thought that he was the right amount of weird, with a big hint of serious. He was the perfect balance of weird and serious, that Phoebe needed in her life. However, if you had Phoebe and Joey together, it wouldn't have worked.

5. Joey deserved to find someone.

Throughout the entire show, we saw Joey being a full-on player, however it was in a more respectable way. Yes, he slept with loads of women, etc. although he never lead anyone on. (If he did, I can't remember it) As the series progressed during the later series, Joey wanted a relationship. He even considered ruining his friendship with Rachel, just because he wanted a relationship like Monica and Chandler's. And I get that him ending with someone might've been a bit too typical, although I would've loved to have seen him settled down or beginning a relationship. And it was such a shame!

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