Saturday 2 May 2020

Hello everyone! Hope isolation's treating you well! (As well as it can be!) I wanted to do a lil bit of promo for a brand new project I'm working on: A Podvcast. Not just any podcast - A HARRY POTTER PODCAST.

Myself and Joanne (who I'm sure I've shown before!) have finally plucked up the courage, and decided to create a Podcast all about Harry Potter. This is because it's our joined love and we're going back in October, and it's helping us get excited!! So I thought I'd do some shameless promo for it, because we really want to keep making episodes for it!

The name of the Podcast is called Witch Watch, and that picture above, is our lil logo. I made it, so I love it lol. We post brand new episodes every Friday morning on Soundcloud. There's only one episode that's live right now, however we've already recorded Episode 2 and we're having a lot of fun with it! 

We also have an Instagram page as well, where we promo stuff and you can get to know us more personally. We also do a preview for the episode, before we upload. So, if you love all things Harry Potter, please give it a listen, and also send us any suggestions to what you want to see!

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