Friday 2 February 2018

First of all, I'd like to apologise for no post on Wednesday - I felt too exhausted to even function! But anyway...

As we have now finally made it to February, AKA the month of my birth, I thought I'd share a few flashback images of me when I was young. ❤️

I made a birthday flashback post, which can be found here.

This cheeky chap is, yep, me. I think this was my birthday and I just can't believe this was me. (The eyes gave it away for me).

Moving on...

I feel very bittersweet when I see this picture. A perfect family picture. 💕 Now it's very different, but I see pictures like this and it reminds me that we were once a big happy family.

Now enjoy a few more flashback pictures...

Hope you enjoyed a small insight of my past! I'll be back with a brand new post soon!

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