Please can you just care about me?

Saturday 14 October 2017

You’re breaking my heart,
And you don’t even realise you’re doing it.
Everything seems like a came with you.
You flirt with girl after girl in front of my face,
And I feel the tears leave my eyes.

I wrote you a letter.
A letter wishing that I could send you,
But it’s too much, too soon.
I see you texting her.
You have no problem texting her.
So why can’t you ever text me back?

We had a great night, this weekend.
But that’s because you you was lonely.
You’re using me.
Like I’m just a rag doll,
Or a toy, that you can throw back into the toy box whenever you’re done.

Why can’t you notice when I’m so close to breaking down?
Why can’t you ask me how I’m doing?
Why can’t you be how you were last year?
Why can’t you care about me?
Am I not good enough?

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